Curriculum Details: Tuition includes CD Based Training that must be taken in order.

Course Length:  2 Days

Customer Requirements
If you are attending this course, please bring a laptop with you to access the electronic service manual during the course. The service manual is going to assist you in the class.  If you are unable to bring a laptop, please bring your service manual to class.

Laptop requirements:
PC based (Non Mac) Windows XP Pro or Windows 7; Local Administrator access; Wirelessnetwork card (Optional for Internet Access); Wired Network card; DB 9 Serial port; CD ROM drive; Ability to disableany and all spy ware and virus scan programs; HyperTerminal or other terminal emulation software; USB Port;AC Power Cord; Internet Explorer 8 or greater; Adobe Reader 6.0 or greater; Latest Flash Plug in; Windows MediaPlayer 10 or greater.

Target Audience

  • Biomedical equipment technicians
  • Biomedical and clinical engineers


Prerequisites:  None

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Purchase Packages

R0347PG $5,750

Tuition & lodging:
R0348PG $6,120

Tuition, lodging & air:
R0349PG $7,015*

*US Only

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