Medisorb Soda Lime

Medisorb familyPre-packed Medisorb disposable cartridges are sealed in an airtight safety wrapper. The pre-packed cartridge’s polymer body inserts smoothly and quickly into GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. Multi Absorber Medisorb disposables are designed to work with the CO2 bypass feature on some GE Healthcare equipment, providing a way to change and maintain your absorber. 

Pre-packaged disposable cartridge. White to violet change.

Twinpack, 4.5 kg. White to violet change.

Medisorb compact disposable absorber

Compact disposable absorber. White to violet change.

Medisorb EF Soda Lime

The low flow anesthesia technique has become globally accepted because it can safely be used to care for patients and it helps the hospital save money by minimizing the quantity of anesthesia agent used. GE Healthcare’s Medisorb EF soda lime is specially formulated for use in low flow anesthesia procedures. Medisorb EF soda lime contains less than 1% NaOH. Internal testing has shown that the lower the concentration of NaOH the lower the likelihood of Compound A or CO production should the absorbent become severely desiccated.  We tested our product desiccated to a moisture content of under 0.3%, fresh absorbent is around 15% and found under these worst case like scenarios that the production of Compound A or CO are almost undetectable.

Medisorb EF soda lime is specifically formulated to reduce its pH level in both its un-used and used state. External testing of the Medisorb EF soda lime verifies that it complies with EPA 9045C test & 9045D test methodology. Our Medisorb EF EPA testing report is available in the Related / downloads section of this page.

Color Change
As GE Healthcare’s Medisorb EF soda lime is exhausted, it changes color from off-white to violet and this color change is long lasting, as long as 60 days of inactivity.


Medisorb soda lime

  • Consistently absorbs approximately 150 liters of CO2 per Kg.
  • Dust content is less than 0.5%.
  • Delivered moisture content is consistently around 15%.

Medisorb EF soda lime

  • Risk of compound A and carbon monoxide is minimized.
  • Dust content is less than 0.6%.
  • Delivered moisture content is consistently around 15%.

Multi absorber disposable canister

  • D-profile granules as well as our control of their dimensions allow for Medisorb soda lime’s optimal compaction and consistent CO2 absorption.
  • Integrated filter helps trap any dust created during shipping and handling and maintain humidity levels in the canister.
  • Available prefilled with either Medisorb or Medisorb EF soda lime. 


GE Healthcare’s disposable Medisorb soda lime products help you make the right connection between your patient and GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. All of the product packaging configurations have been tested and validated with the GE Healthcare anesthesia machines (including ADU*, Aisys*, Avance* and Aespire* equipment).