Extraordinary vision. Extraordinary patient care. 

Your imaging needs are diverse and ever changing, just like the women you serve. GoldSeal refurbished Voluson ultrasound imaging systems are designed to help provide you with the clarity, performance, and flexibility you need—with a range of innovative options to help you meet your clinical needs today and tomorrow. One of the GoldSeal pre-owned Voluson systems may be right for you and your patients:

  • Voluson E8
  • Voluson E6
  • Voluson i
  • Voluson S8
  • Voluson S6

Learn more with our GoldSeal Ultrasound Womens Health product overview and GoldSeal brochure.


GoldSeal has many different pre-owned Voluson systems with different benefits, including:

  • Voluson E8 Expert
    Voluson* E8 Expert is a premium ultrasound system for your women’s healthcare needs, including Obstetrics, Gynecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Medicine. Innovations in image quality, automation, transducer technology, and image analysis help give you the extraordinary vision you need to help improve patient care. And, the Voluson E8 offers advanced fetal cardiac innovations to help bring innovative care in the first and second trimester
  • Voluson E6
    The powerful Voluson* E6 system offers an excellent mix of capabilities for effective and efficient care, including extraordinary 2D image quality, outstanding 3D/4D imaging, automation advances, intuitive workflow tools, and a smart ergonomic design. Entry level to the Voluson Expert Series, the Voluson E6 helps give you flexibility, ease of use, and the speed and reliability to manage a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynecological exams.
  • Voluson i
    Voluson* i was the world’s first compact volume ultrasound system. Voluson i helps you achieve advanced, console-quality performance in a portable package that can easily go with you to your patient. It is well suited for Obstetrics, Gynecology, Labor and Delivery, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, and Maternal Fetal Medicine applications. And packed with the capabilities to help give you the 2D/3D extraordinary vision needed to confidently scan your patients through all stages of their lives.
  • Voluson S8
    With the Signature Series Voluson* S8, you can count on exceptional imaging across a range of applications. And workflow innovations that help deliver excellent results with fewer keystrokes. And, a compact, ergonomic design. Confidence for clinical decision-making. Tools to grow your practice. Productivity at a price that leaves more room in your budget.
  • Voluson S6
    Your patients count on you for responsive, high-quality care. You can count on the Signature Series Voluson* S6 to provide the advanced ultrasound imaging you and your patients demand. Our powerful, yet affordable, system offers an excellent mix of capabilities to help meet a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynecological exams as well as reproductive medicine. Get superb image quality, flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability—all in one smart ergonomic package.


Your sales representative can provide complete specifications on our available GoldSeal Voluson ultrasound systems.

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Selective process: Stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal. 
  • Quality: Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met. 
  • Same-as-new warranty: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available. 
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service. 
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts. 
  • Training: Operation and application training available, with optional CE Tech training credits available.


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