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In today’s world of imaging, obtaining and sharing an image is relatively easy. The hard part is marrying the relevant imaging information to the workflow. The unfortunate reality is that many imaging systems do not share information well with other systems. These silos become a particular challenge when images are shared across multiple sites, with both affiliated and unaffiliated physicians.

Built on a common technology platform and leveraging industry standards, Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging offer a modular, yet integrated, solution suite approach to unify imaging data. Backed by exceptional professional services and a growing partner ecosystem, Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging connect acute, ambulatory and multi-specialty imaging needs with care pathway-specific workflows to help enhance diagnostic speed and confidence.

Centricity Clinical Archive Solution
New! Make images part of the patient record from your mobile devices

Cross-Enterprise solutions
New! Access a consolidated view of the patient record

Breast Imaging
New! Brings traditional mammography and tomography into a unified solution

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GE Healthcare’s medical imaging informatics solutions puts information at the center of care for radiologists and cardiologists by helping to accelerate workflow efficiency for clinical users, innovate enterprise-wide image availability and facilitate the seamless capture, storage and retrieval of patient data. Our solutions can help streamline your workflow and improve the efficiency of your business, while providing solutions for your workflow challenges.





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