Addressing enterprise-wide medical imaging challenges

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging delivers a portfolio of products dedicated to helping to improve the clinical, financial and operational outcomes that healthcare organizations that are required to deliver care in today’s value-based environment.

Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging, delivers imaging solutions help improve productivity, increase access to patient information and manage the overall cost of large volumes of clinical images and patient data effectively and efficiently.

Our definition of enterprise-wide integration extends beyond radiology imaging to cardiology, women’s health, oncology ambulatory and acute imaging with solutions for the acquisition, storage and viewing of images and patient data across the enterprise. Built on a common technology platform and leveraging industry standards, Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging offers a modular, yet integrated, solution suite approach that includes PACS, RIS, CVIT and Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

We believe that four key components are required to develop a complete enterprise imaging strategy that helps to enhance patient care and targets the challenges that healthcare organizations face today.

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Webinar - Enterprise Visualization: Consolidate, Customize, Improve
As part of the global shift to coordinated care and collaborative care models, imaging is moving from siloed, departmental systems to assume a true, enterprise level priority. To be productive and efficient while managing cost, quality and remote/internet access, imaging departments must radically rethink their approach.  

Webinar -Linking Cath Labs & Informatics: Growing a PCI Program
Listen to hear how Saratoga Hospital has grown from a community hospital to a regional, integrated delivery network. Growth seeded the need for a dedicated PCI program that went live in January 2015 along with a complete technology overhaul: cath lab, echo, hemodynamic monitoring and a fully integrated cardiovascular information system.


Case Study - Powerful Viewer Supports Full Service Radiology Team
Radiological Associates of Long Island implemented Centricity Universal Viewer to give radiologists PACS reading tools and advanced features across the enterprise and anywhere Internet access is available.

Case Study - Enterprise Imaging in the Large Enterprise
Today, progressive imaging departments manage images from myriad modalities— simplifying the viewing of and centralizing image management across complex health systems to broaden enterprise access and help exams get reimbursed. A large university medical center well-known as an imaging pioneer is using GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ PACS and Centricity Clinical Archive solution1 to optimize imaging across the enterprise. 

White Paper - Intelligent tools for a productive radiologist workflow: How machine learning enriches hanging protocols
Learn how to improve image set up and help to improve productivity with Centricity Universal Viewer’s patented Smart Reading Protocols.

White Paper - Radiologists’ Burden of Inefficiency Using Conventional Imaging Workstations
This study surveyed radiologists about inefficiencies in their workflows, revealing a number of shortcomings with the information technologies radiologists employ to review, interpret, and report diagnostic imaging examinations.


Display 2D, 3D and 4D images from multiple specialties on a common viewer with analytics

Customers list improving efficiency and care delivery as two of the most important outcomes that an IT system must deliver for imaging departments.1 Studies also show that in the multi-system environment deployed in many institutions today, radiologists can spend up to 19% of each day going between different systems and workstations to obtain all the information needed to finalize a case.2

Once orders are received and images are acquired, radiologists and cardiologists use visualization tools to read the images, review current clinical data and compare them to prior exams and prior patient history in order to deliver a diagnosis and recommend treatment options. After exams are read, clinicians use visualization tools to review the exam and the report, either through the EMR, physician portal or through direct access to the imaging systems. 

By consolidating multiple systems into a single workstation, incorporating workload management tools and delivering access to images from multiple care areas, clients can save real time, helping to improve report turnaround time, increase the number of studies that can be read in a day and improve access to care providers throughout the enterprise and the community.

1 GE Healthcare and ITG Market Research | April 2015.
2 Radiologists’ Burden of Inefficiency Using Conventional Imaging Workstations, Dr. Bruce Hillman and Dr. Bhavik Pandya, Journal of the American College of Radiology. November 2013.

Centricity Universal Viewer
3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access on a single desktop

Advanced Visualization
A single image repository across 2D and 3D studies

Centricity Universal Viewer with Xeleris™
Provides an integrated workflow with desktop integration to Xeleris™.

Centricity Universal Viewer with ViewPoint™6
Provides a comprehensive solution for ultrasound reporting and management across multiple care areas.

Centricity Universal Viewer with Cardiology Capabilities
Provides advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology

Centricity Cloud Advanced Visualization 
Leveraging the power of the cloud for post-processing, anytime, anywhere1 viewing, of advanced 3-D images2.


Configurable, patient-centric workflows that enable data to move with the patient on their care journey

Managing imaging services requires more than just a visualization application. This is where workflow solutions from Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging step in and help to streamline departmental and enterprise-wide radiology and cardiology productivity, administrative efficiency and patient care. Achieving optimum productivity hinges on organized IT resources. 

From scheduling to protocoling, patient preparation to reporting and coding. By tracking metrics such as turnaround time and scanner utilization, facilities can better manage efficient use of equipment and resources.

Centricity Radiology Workflow
Streamline departmental and enterprise-wide radiology productivity, administrative efficiency, and patient care in a single, intelligent workflow.

Centricity Cardio Workflow 
Features powerful workflow efficiency tools to help improve your patient throughput and optimize staff productivity.


Share images and insight with providers inside and outside your network through cloud-based tools

As organizations look to build collaborative care networks, they must find ways to efficiently share relevant patient images and data among distributed care teams. We’ve seen clinicians connect in under five minutes using our collaboration tools. This is a time savings from current methods of collaboration which involve coordination, consultation, and communication by phone, fax, and email.1

1 RSNA Image Share impact study, Modern Healthcare; Timed internally; new account registration process takes 4-5 minutes.

Centricity Case Exchange
Advanced clinician collaboration, seamless device connectivity, and embedded analytics tools.

Centricity Multi-Disciplinary Team Virtual Meeting
Will provide MDT participants with centralized access to patient data for cross-specialty planning1.


Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to help unify patient data stored in disparate systems for enterprise-wide access

GE Healthcare IT’s archiving solutions provide a standards based vendor neutral archiving (VNA) solutions for simplified content management and distribution across the collaborative care network. 

With easy access to patient history, distributed care teams can now stay informed throughout the diagnosis and treatment planning process. At the same time, interoperability standards helps enhance clinicians’ productivity by allowing access to a longitudinal patient record through their choice of EMRs, physician portals or RIS systems. 

While consolidation of disparate archive systems helps alleviate the burden of costly maintenance and upgrades, our VNA also helps reduce the total cost of managing data, while supporting efficient utilization of IT resources and personnel.

Centricity Clinical Archive
A robust, patient-centric vender neutral archiving solution for seamless image and document consolidation and access

Centricity Clinical Archive with Media Manager 
Enables speedy acquisition and documentation of pictures directly from mobile devices.

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Upcoming Events

Feb 19-23, 2016
Orange County Convention Center
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Centricity LIVE 2017
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