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Imagine What MR Can Be

With the new Spring 2014 ISMRM Edition of SIGNA Pulse of MR and the new Spring 2014 ISMRM Academic Supplement, GE Healthcare continues to "Imagine What MR Can Be". Both issues bring together the best and brightest minds in the industry to imagine how MR can become an even more powerful tool for clinicians in the future.

The main publication features a broad array of articles covering new supercharged applications, the role of MAVRIC SL in imaging patients with implants and a look at how upgrades can bring new life into an installed system. The publication also features an issue spotlight on the DV24.0 ContinuumTM Pak and how this software update can help you improve workflow and diagnostic confidence.

We are also proud to present our second ISMRM Academic Supplement. This publication looks at ongoing research and development efforts and how these efforts may shape the role of MR in the future.

We hope you enjoy both of these information-packed issues. As always, if you have feedback or would like to share an idea, please contact us at We certainly enjoy hearing from you!

Signa Pulse Imagine What MR Can Be

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