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This year marks the 30th anniversary of GE Healthcare MR. It was at RSNA in 1983 that we introduced the first commercially available 1.5T whole body MR scanner, and since then, GE has continued to be a leader in MR technology. The 2013 RSNA issue of SIGNA Pulse of MR celebrates this significant milestone, acknowledging some of our key innovations such as phased array RF coils, shielded MR gradients, snapshot echo-planar imaging, the first clinical 3.0T system, Silent Scan and advanced applications like PROPELLER, VIBRANT, TRICKS, BrainWave, FSE, MR Angiography, and MAVRIC SL.

The issue also takes a look at one of our recent offerings, the DV24.0 Continuum* Pak suite of applications. This collection of solutions available for the Discovery* MR750w, MR750 and Optima* MR450w, is designed to improve patient comfort, with innovations like Silent Scan, enhance productivity and efficiency, and improve quality and diagnostic confidence.

Along with great case studies, a profile of a facility that made the move from 1.5T to 3.0T imaging, and a look at a facility using our iMRI Surgical Suite, this edition also includes an Issue Spotlight focusing on the timely topic of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This series of articles takes a look at military personnel, athletes and others affected by what has come to be known as “The Silent Epidemic” because of its prevalence and its difficulty to diagnose and treat.

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