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With the new Fall 2014 RSNA Edition of SIGNA Pulse of MR, GE Healthcare announces the Return of SIGNA. The SIGNA™ PET/MR, launched this year at RSNA, is the first in a line of new GE products that will bear the SIGNA name. For 30 years, SIGNA embodied innovation, proven quality, and trust. Just as GE Healthcare revolutionized MR with the SIGNA brand in 1983, we once again plan to revolutionize the future of MR with completely redesigned advancements that will be coming soon!

And speaking of advancements, inside this issue, you’ll find something for anyone who has an interest in MR. Our cover story highlights the launch of the DV25.0 Continuum™ Pak, a remarkable software upgrade available for our Optima™ MR450w, MR450w GEM and Discovery™ MR750 or MR750w based platforms. The article includes customer testimonials and highlights some of the upgrade’s key features.

In addition, this issue features articles regarding industry trends like using MR to create 3D models of the heart, developing a rapid MR exam for acute pediatric appendicitis, and the latest in MR guided surgery. You’ll also find great case studies and even a look at customized financing solutions for MR scanners. Good reading!

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