Healthcare IT Support

Even the best systems encounter problems.

Achieving 100% uptime is an ambitious goal, especially when on your own. Having a partner that can quickly solve an issue or restore interrupted service is critical to managing internal expectations and maintaining high utilization. Lean on our Support specialists to help reduce unplanned downtime, promote resilience, and enhance usability throughout your IT system's lifecycle.

Visit the Healthcare IT Service Portal for quick access to product documentation, e-Service support, education resources, and user communities. For immediate access to one of our support specialists, click on the tab below called “Contact Support.”

Healthcare IT Support

Service Portal Access

The Healthcare IT Service Portal  is designed to help you access and share information quickly.

  • A single access point for all your Healthcare IT support needs, including eService, education resources, and the project management portal.  
  • An information hub for access to product reference materials and trending industry news, as well as announcements on scheduled events and product updates.  
  • An interactive collaboration community, where you can gain insights into key topics and share best practices with other Centricity users and GE Healthcare service employees. 

Click here to access the Service Portal.   

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Contact Support

Centricity Business 1-855-243-7877 
Centricity Cardiology 1-855-762-6650
Centricity EDI Services (eCommerce) 1-800-860-9929
Centricity EMR 1-888-436-8491
Centricity Enterprise 1-877-946-2277
Centricity Group Management 1-888-436-8491
Centricity PACS 1-855-762-6650
Centricity PACS-IW 1-855-762-6650
Centricity Perinatal 1-800-433-2009
Centricity Perioperative 1-800-433-2009
Centricity Practice Solution 1-888-436-8491
Centricity RIS-IC 1-855-762-6650



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