Welcome to the EID Program!

The EID (Early Identification Program) at GE Healthcare is aimed at identifying and attracting college students for Internships and Co-ops at GE Healthcare.  The program offers a combination of professional and personal development opportunities.  Interns/Co-Ops will experience a real work environment at GE Healthcare, while developing the professionalism needed to succeed in their future careers.  The backgrounds of students in the program are as diverse as the assignment opportunities.  We have over 65 universities and colleges represented in the program. 

This webpage was created to help you make a smooth transition to your new location by providing information on areas such as; housing, transportation, life and culture, and other GE Healthcare facilities.  

We wish you the best of luck for a smooth transition and welcome to GE Healthcare! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between EID and Program Hires? 

A: EID (Early Identification Program) is geared toward college students. College students may take a semester or summer immerse themselves in a 10-15 week internship/co-op where they receive challenging assignments. Program Hires are geared toward post college students. These are intense full time positions with GE that require rotations on different assignments and may require domestic relocation. EIDs are the primary pipeline for GE’s rotational leadership programs.

Q: When will I receive my Relocation Bonus and/or Housing Stipend?

A: The relocation/housing stipend will be included as a lump sum in your first or second paycheck approximately 2-3 weeks after you start.

Q: Does GE provide housing for interns/co-ops?

A: GE does not have official intern/co-op housing (with the exception of FMP interns), but we have put together a short list of apartments and things to do in particular areas.  Check our site for additional details about Milwaukee and other locations.

Q: What is my End Date?

A: Your end date is your last day in the EID program. The end date must be on a Friday and agreed on with your assignment leader/manager. The end date should be determined within the first 2 weeks of your internship/co-op. The minimum requirement for completing the internship/program is 10 weeks.

Q: Will I receive Vacation/ Holiday/Sick Pay?

A: EIDs do not receive paid time off. Should you need time off, you are allowed up to 5 non-paid days during your internship.

Q: What is the Dress Code?

A: The dress code is business casual; check with your assignment leader/manager for specific requirements for your team.

Q: Will I need a car?

A: You are responsible for your own transportation. Many of the EIDs choose to carpool. Some cities in which EIDs have assignments have public transportation; however this option may take you longer to get to and from work and may be unpredictable in bad weather. 

Q: Where can I learn more about the GE Leadership Programs? 

A You can learn more about GE’s entry level and experienced leadership programs at http://ge.com/university