Hear from GE Healthcare Employees

Before your interview, we thought you might find it useful to get a deeper insight into what our people (perhaps your future colleagues!) are doing around the world. We hope you enjoy this video content which is provided exclusively for interviewees.

Claudia - Can This Be Done Better?

Alex - Growing Our Business in Africa

Yan - Growing Our Business in China

Good luck with your interview!

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At GE Healthcare, we strive to see life more clearly. Our "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on reducing healthcare costs, increasing access, and improving quality and efficiency around the world. Learn more:

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Educate Yourself

While you're waiting to interview, you may want to research GE Healthcare as a company and the different products, services and support that are offered - and a good place to start would be the GE Healthcare Fact Sheet. Here, you'll learn about GE Healthcare's overall company definition, initiatives, regional and product P&Ls and involvement in key care areas.

Furthermore, spend some time on gehealthcare.com to learn more about the different GE Healthcare channels specific to the country in which you are applying.


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