Cybersecurity in a healthcare setting presents a challenge unlike other business environments. The highly sensitive nature of healthcare records makes them a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals. And a consequential breach of healthcare records can pose great risk to your enterprise.

Potential cybersecurity threats have an impact that reaches across your entire organization.

Healthcare Executive
Is there the potential for a cybersecurity threat creating a health/safety risk to my organization? 

Information Technology
Can an enterprise security solution address the evolving security threats both internally and externally? 

Clinical Engineering
What provisions are in place for proper medical device security in enterprise network design? 

Clinical Staff
Are there cybersecurity policies in place at my facility? 

Facilities Management
What are the risks and responses for lost/stolen medical equipment or any device that may contain patient data?


Cybersecurity: Essentials for Healthcare

Course length: 1 hour
Delivery method: online

This course will provide a general awareness of cybersecurity and will help identify what is needed in healthcare organizations to address this current and evolving threat. Real time profile cybersecurity examples and outcome based practices for mitigation and response are presented. The “human ware” component related to security in all areas within the organization is discussed.

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 Cybersecurity Essentials for Healthcare

By the end of this section, the participant should be able to:

Healthcare Executive:

  • Identify potential problems for cybersecurity
    in healthcare that are a risk to the organization
  • Develop a strategic plan to address the
    changing and evolving threats

Information Technology:

  • Describe best practices and training for social
    engineering and email phishing
  • Create policies required for Bring Your Own
    Device (BYOD), portable media, wireless access,
    and authentication

Clinical Engineering:

  • Describe what provisions are in place for
    proper medical device security in enterprise
    network design
  • Review policies and procedures for software
    updates and tracking for medical devices

Clinical Staff:

  • Describe the best practices for email use,
    PHI, BYOD, and use of portable media devices
  • Explain the log in and log out procedures for
    devices and any impact of work around

Facilities Management:

  • Describe risk and response for lost stolen
    medical devices, and/or IT devices that may
    contain patient data
  • Describe policies and procedures for all
    employees, families, and outside personnel

This online program gives you power and flexibility to manage your cybersecurity education initiatives. Participants can access web-based education applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also have documentation with reports of course completion and continuing education in cybersecurity.

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David Hoglund Bio

David H. Hoglund
CEO and Founder, Integra Systems Inc.

Dave is the Founder and President of Integra Systems, Inc. www.integrasystems.org.  He has worked for over thirty years in the medical device marketplace that has been combined with twenty years in diverse areas of wireless and mobility technologies.  Dave is a recognized expert in wireless technologies particularly for the healthcare and mobility environment. His core expertise is from hardware development and enterprise and device integration to include all phases of wireless technologies. This domain knowledge space has been gained from start-ups, venture funded and includes Fortune 50 companies.  His experience includes both hands on product design, implementation, regulatory validation, and solution deployments on a global level. Dave also has an extensive understanding of predictive analytics, cybersecurity, and multi-factor biometric authentication related to the enterprise and medical devices. Dave’s educational background includes an undergraduate in Dietetics and Chemistry and advanced masters research studies in Biochemistry coupled with business education as an officer in the United States Air Force.



Cybersecurity: Essentials for Healthcare

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