Course Length:  36 Hours
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Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand theory of operation at the subsystem level
  • Work safely in the Discovery PET/CT 690 VCT environment 100% of the time 
  • Identify required tools and documentation for system service 
  • Identify the installation steps required for system installation, including seismic install requirements
  • Identify replaceable parts, and replacement procedures 
  • Perform planned maintenance procedures 
  • Troubleshoot the system to the FRU level 
  • Correctly identify and operate specific subsystems 
  • Perform system quality assurance checks and performance verification 
  • Troubleshoot image quality issues 
  • Perform system alignments, tuning and calibrations 
  • Load software (LFC) during install or troubleshooting

Target Audience

Biomedical and technical professionals


This course price does not reflect the price of the prerequisites. For detailed information on the prerequisite courses, including price, click on the links below. 

PET Basic Service (Class/Lab)   R0313PT

PET Basic Physics/Instrumentation (Web)  R0306PT

Note:  Prior completion of VCT* and/or Lightspeed* 7x &  Optima* 660 training is required.

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