Course length:  4 hours
Delivery Method:  Online

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the function of the CSCSv1 in a medical environment and know the services and systems the CSCSv1 integrates with on the CARESCAPE and medical center networks
  • Identify all possible configurations of hardware and software for the CSCSv1
  • List the product differences of the CIC Pro v5 unit and the CSCSv1 unit when questioned by medical center staff
  • Use the CSCSv1 service tools to complete installation and configuration procedures
  • Install required licenses to enable features for specific medical center location needs, i.e. "Physicians Review Station" or "Monitoring Station" configurations
  • Preform all applicable tasks in the Field Service Manual to physically install a CSCSv1 unit, associated peripherals and network services
  • Perform all applicable configuration procedures in the Field Service Manual to properly complete the installation off a CSCSv1 unit
  • Navigate the CSCSv1 clinical application to resolve incorrect end user operation
  • Navigate the CSCSv1 to set up multiple data sessions and collect full disclosure
  • Analyze and successfully troubleshoot any hardware or software failures, using service documentation, and diagnostic tools
  • Repair/Replace Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) on the CSCSv1 unit and its peripherals
  • Perform system recovery from a catastrophic failure of the CSCSv1 unit
  • Perform a software upgrade to the CSCSv1 unit using the appropriate tools
  • Perform checkout procedures provided in the Field Service Manual to validate operation after installation or repair procedures or during planned maintenance


No prerequisites for this course.

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