Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe practices and take appropriate safety measures against possible hazards while working with the systems
  • Operate the systems at the application level for performance evaluation of the system
  • Identify the features, functionality, and major components of the systems
  • Identify the basic setup and configuration
  • Identify troubleshooting techniques and tools
  • Identify the basic calibration procedures and how they are performed

Note: Moving forward this content will be covered in the Digital Rad Systems Full Service Class.

  • Identify the basic subsystems, components and their functions
  • Identify safety precautions for the system
  • Identify the high-level installation requirements for the system
  • Fault/Isolate system errors using standard and advanced service documentation and diagnostics
  • Identify key laptop procedures



3 Hours                                         N/A                                         N/A                         R0190RY



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XR Digital Rad Systems Full Service (Class/Lab)  R0122RY


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