Delivery Method:  Class/Lab
Course Length:  5 Days
Course ID: R0201RY

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • System Overview - Identify the new features/functions of the Discovery IGS 730.
  • Install the new components on the Discovery IGS 730.
  • Configure and calibrate the new components on the Discovery 730.
  • Install new software on the Discovery IGS 730 System.
  • Operate the Discovery IGS 730.
  • Perform new PMs on the Discovery IGS 730.
  • Troubleshoot and repair the new subsystems of the Discovery IGS 730.
  • Demonstrate safe work practices when operating/servicing a Discovery IGS 730.b.

Target Audience

Biomedical and technical professionals.



DGS Fundamentals (web)  R0211RY  $950

DGS Fundamentals (class/lab)  R0212RY $7,490

Vascular Basic Service Technical Training (Class/Lab)   R0195RY $6,615

Innova IQ Table Training (Web)   R0188RY $2,590

Innova x100 & Innova IGS 5x0 Systems Full Service   R0154RY $25,185

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