The objective of this course is to enable the customer to use and configure the Centricity DMS system to fit their facility’s workflow. The student will then be able to train other users on the CathPCI Module thus facilitating your ownership of the product and its functionalities. After viewing all 12 recorded sessions the participant should be well versed on the following:

  • Centricity DMS Overview 
  • Establishing an ACC CathPCI Participant 
  • Physician Configuration 
  • NCDR Maintenance and Registry Mapping
  • Data Collection during a Mac-Lab® Study 
  • Centricity DMS Patient Information 
  • Registry Worklist 
  • ACC CathPCI Data Collection Form 
  • Registry Export Worklist 
  • Custom Harvests 
  • ACC CathPCI Administrative Reports 
  • Centricity DMS Application Security Scenarios