Program Objective:

To introduce the concepts and terminology used in the DMS system administrator trainer course in order to lay a solid foundation for any customer attending this off-site training. The objective of this course is to introduce the customer to the Centricity Data Management System and its use and function in the Cath/EP Suite. The student will then be prepared for the System Administrator Course taught in Milwaukee and have a high level of understanding of the system and its features, functions and various components. After viewing this recorded session the participant should have a fundamental understanding of the following: 

  1. Invasive Hardware/Network Environment 
    • Mac-Lab 
    • CardioLab 
  2. DMS Overview 
    • Management of Mac-Lab CardioLab Master Lists 
    • Statistical Reporting 
    • Optional Modules 
    • HL7 Interface Options 
  3. Understanding Data Flow 
    • List Sharing Exports (DMS to ML/CL) 
    • Modality Worklist Searches from ML/CL 
    • ML/CL to DMS HL7 Exports (at close of study) 
  4. A (Brief) Closer Look at some DMS Modules
    • Patient Information
    • Inventory 
    • List Sharing 
    • Administrative Reports 
    • Schedule 
    • Registry Worklist 
    • Charge Capture Worklist 
    • Physician’s Worklist