TiP Applications

Training in Partnership (TiP)
clinical applications training offerings enable you to use GE's equipment at its highest performance.

TiP offers accredited continuing education courses that train your staff on using your new diagnostic imaging equipment, optimizing image quality and improving productivity. 

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The Choice is Yours!

No two institutions are alike. That's why we begin with a thorough Training Needs Analysis. Based on current skill levels, learning preferences, training objectives, budget, and time resources, we not only recommend the most efficient curriculum, but we suggest ways to optimize the learning environment. With the many Training Choices options available, we can design a program to bring your staff up to speed quickly with minimal interruption to patient flow.

Ensure Technologist Engagement

Training Choices was designed to increase customer engagement in the training process resulting in better-trained technologists and greater return on your equipment investment. For those customers who have engaged in developing this essential training program partnership, the results have been phenomenal!