By the end of the program Technologists should be able to operate basic to intermediate system features and clinical applications on the Optima MR450w 1.5T system. 



COURSE LENGTH                                     ACCREDITATION TYPE                                  CREDIT HOURS            COURSE ID
10 Onsite Days / 10 TVA Hours              CE, ASRT - Technologists / Allied Health        20.5 CE                           W0106MR


Week One Agenda

Day One - Introduction to Optima MR450w Basic System Operation:

  • Working Safely
  • Optima MR450w System Design Overview
  • Selecting Coils and Positioning the Patient
  • Introduction to the Optima MR450w User Interface
  • Optima MR450w Workflow Overview/Demonstration

Day Two - Optima MR450w Basic Pulse Sequence Review:

  • Localizer PSDs
  • SE and IR Pulse Sequences
  • 2D/3D GRE and SPGR Pulse Sequences
  • 2D/3D FSE and FRFSE-XL Pulse Sequences
  • SSFSE-XL Pulse Sequences
  • FLAIR Pulse Sequences
  • 2D/3D TOF MRA Pulse Sequences
  • Fiesta and Fiesta-C Pulse Sequences

Day Three - Optima MR450w Protocol Building / Patient Imaging:

  • Introduction to Protocol Building
  • Optima MR450w Patient Imaging -Session One

 Day Four - Optima MR450w Neuro Imaging:

  • Neuro Applications
  • Optima MR450w Neuro Protocol Updates
  • Post Training and Documentation

Week Two Agenda

Day One - Optima MR450w Body and Breast Imaging:

  • Respiratory Triggering
  • Body and Breast Applications
  • Optima MR450w Body and Breast Protocol Updates

Day Two - Optima MR450w Musculoskeletal Imaging:

  • Musculoskeletal Applications
  • Optima MR450w MSK Protocol Updates

Day Three - Optima MR450w Vascular Imaging:

  • Vascular Applications
  • Optima MR450w Vascular Protocol Updates

 Day Four - Optima MR450w Introduction to Cardiac Imaging:

  • Cardiac Gating and Triggering
  • Cardiac Applications
  • Post Training and Documentation

Week Three Agenda

Day One– Optima MR450w Advanced Cardiac Imaging:

  • Advanced Cardiac Imaging Applications
  • Cardiac Post Processing and Analysis with ReportCARD
  • Optima MR450w Cardiovascular Protocol Updates

 Day Two– Optima MR450w Advanced Neuro Imaging:

  • Advanced Neuro Imaging Applications
  • Functional Imaging with BrainWave RT/PA
  • 2D/3D Spectroscopic Applications
  • Optima MR450w Advanced Neuro Protocol Updates
  • Post Training and Documentation

Target Audience

This course is designed for MR Technologists who operate the Optima MR450w 1.5T system


This course has no prerequisite requirements.

Schedule / Registration

Please contact your GE Healthcare Representative for pricing and scheduling information.

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