By the end of the program, Technologists who attend the complete didactic segment will be able to use system features and perform basic to advanced procedures on the Signa HDx 1.5T MR system.



COURSE LENGTH                ACCREDITATION TYPE                                   CREDIT HOURS             COURSE ID
8 Days                                  CE, ASRT - Technologists/Allied Health           25.5 CE                            W0102MR


Week One Agenda

Day One:

  •  Working Safely 
  •  System Hardware Overview 
  •  HIPAA Login Overview 
  •  Selecting Coils and Positioning the Patient 
  •  Scanning / Protocol Management and Workflow 
  •  Pre-scanning 
  •  Displaying Images 
  •  Filming Images 
  •  Managing Images 
  •  Patient Scanning 

 Day Two:

  •  Localizer PSDs 
  •  SE and IR Pulse Sequences 
  •  2D/3D GRE and FGRE Pulse Sequences 
  •  2D/3D FSE-XL Pulse Sequences 
  •  2D/3D FRFSE-XL Pulse Sequences 
  •  SSFSE-XL Pulse Sequences 
  •  FLAIR Pulse Sequences 
  •  PROPELLER Pulse Sequences 

Day Three:

  •  Imaging with ASSET and GEM 
  •  Imaging with the LAVA-XV Application 
  •  2D/3D TOF MRA Pulse Sequences 
  •  Imaging with 3D COSMIC and 2D MERGE 
  •  Post Processing 
  •  Patient Scanning 

Day Four:

  •  Improving Image Quality with Imaging Options & Image Enhance 
  •  Cartilage Evaluation with T2 Mapping 
  •  Imaging Real-time with iDrive 
  •  Basic Gating and Triggering Set-up 
  •  Patient Scanning 

 Week Two Agenda 

Day One:

  •  SmartPrep/Step and FluoroTriggering 
  •  Vascular Imaging with TRICKS / ASSET 
  •  Vascular Imaging with SwiFT 
  •  Phase Contrast MRA Pulse Sequences 
  •  Analyzing Images with ReportCARD, MIROI or MASS 
  •  Patient Scanning 

Day Two:

  •  Spin Echo and FastCine Cardiac Pulse Sequences 
  •  Double / Triple-IR Cardiac Pulse Sequences 
  •  2D/3D FIESTA Cardiac Pulse Sequences 
  •  Cardiac Imaging with MR Echo 
  •  Performing PFO Evaluation 
  •  Performing Cardiac Analysis with ReportCARD or MASS 

Day Three:

  •  Echo Planar Pulse Sequences 
  •  Analyzing Images with FuncTool Performance 
  •  PROPELLER Review 
  •  BRAVO 
  •  FMRI with BrainWave (BrainWave RT) 
  •  FMRI Image Analysis (BrainWave PA) 
  •  2D/3D Spectroscopy Sequences 

Day Four:

  •  Breast Imaging with VIBRANT-XV 
  •  Breast Evaluation with BREASE 
  •  Post Processing with CADstream or FuncTool Performance 
  •  2D/3D FIESTA and 3D FIESTA-C Pulse Sequences 
  •  Imaging with the LAVA-XV Application Review 
  •  Dual Echo GRE Review 
  •  SSFSE and 2D/3DRFSE Review

Target Audience

This course is designed for MR Technologists who operate the Signa HDx 1.5T MR system.


This course has no prerequisite requirements.

Schedule / Registration

Please contact your GE Healthcare Representative for pricing and scheduling information.

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