By the end of the program, Technologists who attend the complete course will be able to use Aladdin programmability on the Xeleris Workstation.



COURSE LENGTH                  ACCREDITATION TYPE                          CREDIT HOURS               COURSE ID
3.5 Days                                 CE, SNM - Nuclear Technologists          16.50 CE                            Full Service - W3002HC
                                                                                                                                                            Tuition Only - W3102HC     


Course Content  

  • Orientation
  • Basic Aladdin system operation
  • Introduction to Visual Basic concepts and terminology
  • Introduction to Aladdin concepts of Data Validation and creation of custom display screens
  • Creation & use of customization files
  • Introduction to the creation and use of Results Series
  • Backup and installation of user built programs
  • Build various Protocols using the tools taught each day

Target Audience

This class is designed for experienced Xeleris users who have a desire to extensively customize Xeleris’s data output appearance and/or need to develop department specific processing algorithms.


Technologists should have a thorough understanding of the Xeleris feature set and awareness of Xeleris’s user interface "look and flow". They should also possess a comprehensive knowledge of Nuclear Medicine technology and techniques and have some prior experience with computer programs, protocols or macro development.

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