By the end of the program, Technologists who attend the complete training agenda will be able to use the system features and perform basic to intermediate procedures as described in the skill inventory included in the TiP training package.


COURSE LENGTH                 ACCREDITATION TYPE                                       CREDIT HOURS             COURSE ID
6  Days                                  CE, SNM - Nuclear Technologists                       20 CE                               W0100PT

Phase One Agenda

Day One:   

  • Getting Started
  • Operator Documentation
  • Safety Features
  • Gantry and Table Operations
  • Acquisition Station Overview
  • System Startup, Shutdown, and Reboot
  • Daily Maintenance
  • PET-CT Scan Procedure Overview   

 Day Two:   

  • Basic FDG Physiology
  • CT Fundamentals 
  • Methodology of CT for AC and Fusion
  • PET Acquisition Screen
  • PET Image Reconstruction
  • PET-CT Image Display
  • Patient Scanning  

Day Three:   

  • PET Image Display
  • CT Image Display
  • Filming and Printing
  • CT Scan Reconstruction
  • Dataflow and Networking 

Day Four:   

  • Quality Control
  • Disk Management & Data Back-up
  • eNTEGRA Functionality 

Phase Two Agenda

Phase Two follow-up training is typically scheduled after 6 - 8 weeks of system use. 

Day One:   

  • Daily Maintenance
  • Patient Scanning
  • PET Processing & Review
  • Quality Control   

Day Two:   

  • eNTEGRA Functionality
  • PET-CT Image Display
  • CT Scan Reconstruction & Display
  • Troubleshooting Techniques


Target Audience

This course is designed for PET Technologists who operate the Discovery LS system.


This course has no prerequisite requirements.

Schedule / Registration

Please contact your GE Healthcare Representative for pricing and scheduling information.

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Preparing Your Department for Onsite Training

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