X-ray Onsite Training

TiP Onsite Applications are targeted solutions for hands-on training in your own clinical setting. Benefit from the wealth of experience our Applications Specialists bring as they share “best practices” from a variety of healthcare facilities to meet your specific needs.

How well will your X-ray system live up to your expectations? 

That will largely depend on how well your imaging professionals understand even its most advanced capabilities and how to use them with skill and finesse. Investments you make toward this goal can be recognized many fold over time.

Payroll is typically the single greatest cost for any healthcare institution. The better you can equip your people to deal quickly and intelligently with whatever may arise, the more long-term value you and your patients will receive. 


Post Training Documentation

After completion of your TiP Applications Onsite program, each participant will be required to access the TiP Post Training Documentation web site to verify attendance, complete a skill inventory and assessment, and print CE certificates. Access to the TiP Post Training Documentation web site requires the creation of a Single Sign-On (SSO) and password. The SSO number serves as the unique identifier for each training participant. Instructions on how to create a SSO account will be included in your TiP training packet.

X-ray Quick Step Library

This Quick Step library was designed to provide you with quick and easy access to concise step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of applications for both the X-ray system and the AW Workstation. 

(All files are in print ready PDF format)

» Auto Image Paste Quick Guide
Definium 8000 / Optima* XR640 /Discovery* XR650/Discovery XR656 and Discovery XR656 Plus

» Auto Image Paste Quick Guide
Optima XR646

» Exposure Guide

» How to Resume an “In Progress” Exam
Precision 500D/WDR1, Proteus/WDR1, Optima* XR220amx, Optima XR640, XR646, Definium* 8000, Discovery* XR650, XR656 and XR656Plus

» Patient Orientation (PO) Frame
Discovery* XR656/Wireless DR Imaging Option (WDR1) / Optima 220

» VolumeRad Quick Steps

» Copy Exam
Brivo™ XR385 and Definium™ 5000

» Copy Exam
Discovery™ XR650, Discovery XR656, Discovery XR656Plus, Optima™ XR640, and Definium™ 8000

» Copy Exam
Optima™ XR646 and Optima XR220amx

» Fluoro Loop Acquisition and Store and Last Image Hold Precision™ 500D

» Multiple Exams on the Precision™500D with FlashPad™

» Manually Transfer Images
Definium™ 5000 and Brivo™ XR385

» Manually Transfer Images
Discovery™ XR650, Optima™XR640 and Definium™ 8000

» Manually Transfer Images
Discovery™ XR656 and Discovery XR656 Plus

» Manually Transfer Images
Optima™ XR646 and Optima XR220amx

» Manually Transfer Images
Digital Upgrade Wireless Digital Upgrade Option for Proteus XRa™ and Precision™ 500D

Preparing Your Staff for Onsite Training

Preparing Your Department for Onsite Training

CE Considerations for Onsite Training