Applied Intelligence helps unleash the power of your healthcare data to solve your most significant challenges and achieve sustainable clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Applied Intelligence

With the help of GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence solutions and professional services, you’ll focus your efforts at running at peak performance in order to thrive in an increasingly complex, competitive and value-based world. 

Applied Intelligence from GE provides real-world analytics for sustainable outcomes by helping unleash the power of your healthcare data to solve your most significant challenges and achieve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. With Applied Intelligence, you can focus your efforts on running at peak performance in order to thrive in an increasingly complex, competitive and value-based world.

  • Flexible, secure, easy-to-use, web-based analytics framework to extract and analyze data across your healthcare systems
  • Data management services to capture, clean, validate and maintain data
  • Ready-to-go analytics apps with healthcare dashboards to help transform data into actionable insights to drive outcomes
  • Tailor-fit application and healthcare dashboard development services To identify, build and implement analytics that meet your specific needs
  • Performance improvement services to recommend changes, drive outcomes, and sustain improvement

Comprehensive data sources, connectivity and data management

Intimate understanding of clinical and operational workflow

Unique breadth and depth of analytics offerings

Applied Intelligence helps address some of the biggest challenges in imaging and radiology workflow and cardiology care. 

The imaging cycle includes identifying patient data, conducting the imaging exam according to the proper protocols and then streamlining. Insights into the full imaging cycle from start to finish can help organizations be nimble in identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, gauging performance and reducing costs.

Applied Intelligence for imaging and cardiology care includes:

Applied Intelligence for Imaging and Vendor Neutral Archive

Cardiology Operations Effectiveness Software

Imaging (RIS/PACS) Operational Effectivness and Workflow

Care Delivery Analytics

Sometimes big analytics projects leave real opportunity behind. Unleashing the power of little data in your care areas by defining a clear problem and attacking it can gain high return, quickly. For example, one GE Healthcare customer achieved over $400,0001 in cost savings in the first eight months on just one procedure by removing unnecessary variation from the materials case cost. Plus, with excellent dashboards and KPIs, you can drive your performance and results.

Identify, prioritize and execute lasting improvements and drive sustainable change across your care delivery organization, including Perinatal (labor and delivery), Cardiovascular care, Perioperative and Anesthesia and quality environments.

Analytics solutions for care delivery management include:

Ready-to-Go Apps for Multiple Care Areas

  • OR Materials Management Optimization

  • Service line optimization analytics for Cardiovascular, Perinatal, Anesthesia and more

Tailor-fit analytics application and dashboard development services
To learn more about tailor-fit analytics services from GE Healthcare, click here.

1Source: GE Case Study, New York Hospital, 2016

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Strong revenue cycle and overall financial management is a strategic imperative.  Applied Intelligence can help healthcare organizations tackle financial challenges head-on. Whether it’s through “gaming” apps to help improved financial workflow productivity or high-impact denials management, analytics solutions from GE Healthcare are designed to help you perform at optimal levels.  

Applied Intelligence for revenue cycle and financial management include:

Denials Management
DenialsIQ™  is an advanced analytics solution from GE Healthcare that uses a powerful statistical algorithm developed by GE's Global Research Center to uncover unseen trends within claims denials to help provider organizations improve financial performance by accelerating revenues and avoiding future denials before they occur. For example, DenialsIQ helped UC Irvine reduce denied charges by 47% and rework costs by $93,000 in the first month. 1

To learn more about DenialsIQ

Tailor-fit analytics application and dashboard development services
To learn more about tailor-fit analytics services from GE Healthcare, click here.

1 Source: GE case study, UC Irvine, 2016

Ambulatory Practice Analytics

With ongoing payment reform, the transition to value-based care and increased volumes for outpatient settings, taking control of practice operations is more important than ever. That’s where Applied Intelligence can help.

Applied Intelligence for ambulatory and practice management include:

Practice and Provider Management
The Provider Scorecard and related Provider Summary apps give providers, practice managers and decision makers one location to view key metrics/KPIs relative to financial management. Users can access aggregated, roll-up dashboards and drill into underlying data to better understand challenges or best practices, ultimately driving successful financial outcomes. Now accepting early adopters of these powerful new tools.1

Tailor-fit analytics application and dashboard development services

To learn more about tailor-fit analytics services from GE Healthcare, click here.

1 Selectively available for Centricity Practice Solution and Practice Management customers.

Healthcare Business Analytics

Healthcare executives say their top workforce management issues are controlling overtime and improving skill mix. Yet, data that’s out of context and out of date can derail even the best efforts to proactively manage labor-related challenges, such as adjusting staff skill levels, competencies and controlling staffing costs. GE Healthcare provides accurate, actionable insights to advance your success.

Applied Intelligence for workforce management include:

Centricity Business Analytics for Workforce Management
Designed specifically for the 24/7 healthcare environment, integrated Centricity Business Analytics delivers deep insight into all areas that impact your ability to deliver high-quality care while controlling labor costs. For example, Anderson Regional Medical Center saved $2.5M over an eight-month period compared to that same period the prior year by using this success formula: 1) Drive accountability with analytics. 2) Build a foundation of actionable data. 3) Enable data access and transparency.

To learn more about Centricity Business Analytics for Workforce Management.

Tailor-fit analytics application and development services 
To learn more about tailor-fit analytics services from GE Healthcare, click here.

1Source: GE case study 2016

Healthcare Dashboard Solutions

Achieving sustainable outcomes requires access to accurate, easy-to-understand insights that help users take the right actions. Beyond ready to go-apps specifically designed for organizations like yours, GE Healthcare experts can further tailor these apps or even build a custom solution from scratch.

Application and Dashboard Development Services for Your Specific Needs

The GE Healthcare team follows FastWorks development principles, ensuring your solution fits like a glove to help accelerate buy-in and adoption.

This approach advances faster decision-making based on reliable, well-structured and up-to-date key performance indicators that make sense for your team. You’ll be able to measure where you started and your progress, as well as to diagnose why, how and where to make changes to effectively manage results over the long term.

Your team’s sense of ownership and use is high, and so is your solution’s value and sustainability, because it’s your solution. 

Professional Services from GE Healthcare can help you move more quickly, gaining greater insights from your existing data to optimize performance and reduce costs.

The GE Healthcare team applies deep expertise to the analytics framework and the GE Healthcare portfolio of products to help you assess, plan, design and implement analytics solutions.

Professional Services address specific challenges in three key areas:

Data Management Services to Capture, Cleanse, Validate and Maintain Data

Tailor-Fit Analytics Application and Dashboard Development Services

Performance Improvement Consulting for Sustainable Results

Big data is mostly just big hype when it comes to delivering meaningful operations improvement. According to Gartner, through 2018, 90% of deployed “data lakes” – enterprise-wide repositories of raw data – will be useless due to overload of information captured for uncertain purposes.1

It’s time to leverage analytics with a one-two punch: insights and actionability. Applied Intelligence from GE Healthcare focuses on outcomes from the start.

Consider these simple examples of healthcare analytics solutions at work.

1Source: Gartner: Prediction is Hard –Especially about the future, Gartner December 30 2014

Improved Revenue Cycle by Significantly Reducing Denials

Materials Management Savings in the Operating Room

Driving Down Unnecessary Labor Cost

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