Based on our revolutionary AMX family of mobile x-ray systems, GoldSeal refurbished Optima* XR220amx takes digital x-ray to the point of care.

At the heart of this advanced, portable system is FlashPad*, our next-generation wireless digital detector. You gain the productivity, image quality and functionality of a RAD room at the point of care. The GoldSeal refurbished Optima XR220amx enhancements over its predecessor AMX systems include:

  • 24/7 Availability - The system remains on standby and is ready to work even while charging. No boot-up is required.
  • Uninterrupted Work - Thanks to "Smart Charge" automatic-charging algorithms, you can recharge the system and continue taking exposures.
  • Stow while Charging - Our wireless digital detector, FlashPad, automatically charges while stowed in its bin, so technologists can maintain focus on patient care.
  • Abundant Storage - You'll have ample space to store tape, pens, wipes, markers and more thanks to roomy storage trays.
  • Durable Detector - FlashPad utilizes a carbon-fiber housing that protects an internal floating sub-assembly to help make it durable.

Learn more with our GoldSeal Optima XR220amx product overview and GoldSeal brochure.

Technician standing with machine.

GoldSeal refurbished Optima XR220amx digital mobile x-ray system.

Wireless Digital Detector

FlashPad Wireless Digital Detector

FlashPad* is GE’s next-generation wireless digital detector.  It is designed for digital use and built for reliability.  FlashPad is the first wireless detector to operate with Ultra-Wideband connectivity.  It communicates independently on a dedicated channel – so data is transferred with speed and reliability.    

At GE, we understand that you need to do more with the equipment you have.  FlashPad enables advanced application on premium GE radiography systems.  Even if you’re not using advanced applications today, FlashPad allows you that capability in the future by offering an investment protection. 

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Selective process: Stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal. 
  • Quality: Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met. 
  • Same-as-new warranty: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available. 
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service. 
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts. 
  • Training: Operation and application training available, with optional CE Tech training credits available.

Learn more with our GoldSeal brochure.