The GoldSeal refurbished Proteus XR/a with DR Imaging Option is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to address almost any clinical need. It’s designed to accommodate your imaging requirements—and your operating budget.    

  • Help support productivity through digital workflow 
  • Maximize your investment by sharing FlashPad with compatible GE x-ray systems
  • Other digital detector options are available

Learn more with our GoldSeal Proteus XR/a product overview and GoldSeal brochure.

Proteus XR-a with nurse


Features of GoldSeal refurbished Proteus XR/a with DR Imaging Option include:

  • FlashPad wireless digital detector is a single panel (non-tiled) amorphous silicon detector with a Cesium Iodide scintillator
  • Wireless connectivity from detector to system
  • FlashPad detector designed for mobile use – 2 handles offer a secure grip
  • Detector battery can take up to 50 exposures per hour and provide enough power for 3 hours of use on a single charge
  • High-frequency, state-of-the-art generator available in 32/50/65/80 kW power ratings incorporated into a space-saving cabinet
  • Overhead Tube Support (OTS)
  • Patient-side control of techniques and receptors, including true source to image distance (SID) and angle displays
  • Elevating table with a four-way floating table top
  • Technician-designed user interface utilizing a 10.4 in. LCD touch screen display with anatomical programming
  • Counter-balanced manually positioned wall stand with electromagnetic lock releases on both sides of the stand for simple positioning
  • Automatic/manual collimation with cassette size sensing available for both the table and wall stand
  • Three field ionization chamber detector
  • Linear tomography with automatic exposure termination (AET)
  • Other digital detector options are available.


As a general purpose radiographic system, GoldSeal refurbished Proteus XR/a offers:

  • Broad clinical flexibility to address your basic radiographic needs
  • Excellent image quality with dose efficiency to enhance your staff’s clinical confidence
  • Ease of use to help support staff productivity
  • Outstanding reliability to help ensure maximum uptime


The GoldSeal refurbished Proteus XR/a with DR Imaging Option is a radiographic system that offers the flexibility to choose a configuration based upon your specific requirements. It can help expand your x-ray potential through digital upgrades and product configuration options.

It is an affordable, high-quality general radiographic system with freedom of movement and configurations for a wide range of table, wall stand, wheelchair and stretcher examinations. Its robust design helps ensure outstanding reliability in demanding environments, making the Proteus XR/a well suited for general purpose radiography in hospitals, clinics and private offices.   

GoldSeal Proteus XR/a with DR Imaging Option is a digital solution that consists of a wireless detector, acquisition workstation and system interface unit that can be integrated into your existing and new Proteus XR/a rooms. The FlashPad wireless digital detector can be shared between compatible GE x-ray systems, making it an investment in the future.   

FlashPad Specifications: 

  • Detector Size 41 cm x 41 cm
  • Active Matrix 2022 x 2022 pixels
  • Image Depth 14 Bit
  • Pixel Pitch 200 microns
  • Typical Dynamic Range 0.6 uR – 7.8 mR @ RQA5
  • Typical DQE 68% (@ 0lp and RQA5, per IEC 62220-1)
  • Available options include: Wireless, Docked, or tethered


FlashPad Wireless Digital Detector

Design that matches the rigors of an x-ray environment and the way you work

  • Square shape allows for maneuvering in any direction—behind and beside your patient—for ease of positioning and patient comfort.
  • Two handles offer a secure grip to help prevent droppage and ease user fatigue.
  • Single-panel, non-tiled construction helps eliminate blind zones.
  • Fluid resistance, patented cushioning system, and carbon graphite materials help ensure durability, minimizing breakage and replacement needs.
  • Large active imaging area means additional coverage, and can accommodate a distributed weight load up to 352 lbs.

Shareability and versatility that maximize your investment

  • Easy shareability means FlashPad can be used across compatible GE radiography systems.
  • Built-in advanced application capabilities help ensure that your growing radiology needs can be met down the road. 

Seamless connectivity for fast, reliable, and secure data transfer

  • Short-range, Ultra-Wideband technology coexists with your hospital’s information network so that real-time data is transmitted where and when you need it.
  • Connectivity protocol complies to FCC and global wireless standards.
  • Dedicated channel is equipped to handle large file size.

Other digital detector options are available

GoldSeal Advantage

GoldSeal pre-owned, refurbished systems offer you a smart use of resources, as well as:

  • Selective process: Stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal. 
  • Quality: Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met. 
  • Same-as-new warranty: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available. 
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service. 
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts. 
  • Training: Operation and application training available, with optional CE Tech training credits available.

Learn more with our GoldSeal brochure.