STAR Awards

Congratulations to our 2016 STAR Award winners.

Ambulatory Care – CORNELL SCOTT HILL HEALTH CENTER from New Haven, Connecticut.

This customer needed a better Behavioral Healthcare solution. 36 pages of documentation were needed for just an initial evaluation.   Group session scheduling required individual appointments be overbooked every week along with proper billing.  Documentation was not electronically captured, so the team had no ability to see if a patient had any active treatment plans, evaluations, and the existing system didn’t make it easy to demonstrate compliance.

Using Visualutions™ Integrated GroupFocus and CareTrax solution with Centricity Practice Solution they’re now efficiently providing behavioral healthcare services. No more multiple scheduling!  They have less paper. Less scanning. More clinical space. Visibility into all Levels of Care and Treatment Progress in one medical record.  This group transformed a fragmented, labor intensive process into a highly efficient digital system to improve operational outcomes.  

Care Area Workflows - MAIMONIDES MEDICAL CENTER from Brooklyn, NY.

Imagine this -  All your Operating Room reports are received and manually scanned, some scanned documents are of such poor quality it could lead to medical errors and jeopardize hospital accreditation.  It took seven steps for this organization just to process a single record, resulting in an average of 693 sheets exactly  - processed a day – taking about 4 hours of supervisor time and 12.8 clerical hours – again, a day to process reports.

Using Centricity Perioperative Manager together with Centricity Anesthesia Manager they’ve taken the clinical reporting workflow from 7 steps to 1.  Clerks now spend 1 hour versus almost 13 processing reports, decreasing daily clerical expenses by 93%, and supervisor expenses by 91%, documentation accuracy is improved and the reduced cost in operations meant teams could be reassigned to other projects.  

Enterprise Imaging - UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON MEDICINE from Seattle, Washington

65,000 admissions.   1.6 million outpatient and emergency room visits each year.  A multiple hospital organization, two of their hospitals had their own instances of a PACS and RIS, which meant patient jackets on one site did not reflect the images and documentation from the other. 

Working with GE Healthcare's professional services organization, they combined the multiple PACS and RIS into single instances of each. 

Now, clinicians can call up a patient by either of their MRNs and see a complete picture of imaging and documentation.  Comparison films hang automatically, no matter which institution they’re from.  The integrated systems have made their radiologists more efficient, and the consolidation is saving this organization close to $1M a year in expense reductions.

Financial Management - THE EMORY CLINIC, from Atlanta, Georgia.

Picture this - A Patient Access Contact Center with over 200 agents, 110 locations, handling over 200,000 patient calls, and scheduling 80,000 monthly appointments. 

Imagine that same contact center with call agents that are specialty and provider specific - so not all agents can take all calls – The result?  Long patient wait times, an inability to forecast staffing volumes, and increased costs in training and workflows.

In implementing Question Guides in GE Centricity Business 5.1 this organization saw impressive results.  The percentage of agents scheduling for more than one specialty went from 10% to 73%, with an average rate to answer calls that went from over 60 seconds to 24.  In the last year alone, they scheduled an additional 78,000 patient appointments and saved $208,000 in labor costs.  

Workforce Management – CAROLINAS HEALTHCARE SYSTEM from Charlotte, NC.

900 care locations, and 60,000 employees -  this organization was consistently running at maximum capacity, need to control labor costs and improve disparate, paper-based systems.  Across the enterprise, they struggled to maintain visibility to staffing, scheduling, optimizing skill sets and needed to increase leadership and teammate satisfaction. 

This organization went live with API Healthcare ShiftSelect  in April of 2014.  Just eight months after the Phase 1 implementation of ShiftSelect  they had over 7800 users and saw a $3.2M reduction in labor expense.  Six months after that,  they nearly doubled their user base to almost 14,000 and improved their labor expense by 5%  - in dollars that translated to $20.5M in savings– year-over-year.  

The Centricity STAR Customer of the Year - OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Five different systems for cardiovascular images and reports – and the only way you could access them was to drop the study – walk down to the 4th floor, make the study available and then go back up to the floor.  Reports were hand typed, a different cardiologist was reading the stress echo and another the EKG - and they weren’t combined,  charges were manually input, and the system wasn’t integrated to the EMR. 

The vision - was to have a multi-modality cardiology digital suite – one viewer, one report - data that would flow directly from a treadmill to the report – viewing that was accessible throughout the network and from any computer - including home - and an interfaced referral system to get reports back to the attending physicians as quickly as possible.

In their own words Centricity Cardio Enterprise has been a game changer for them.  They now operate digitally across the cardiology department, with access to images and reports throughout the organization.  

Today, they are a STAR reference program member and their partnership, inputs and experience have been integral to helping further innovate Centricity Cardiology Enterprise.   In 2015 alone, their support has been extraordinary - participating in 14 reference calls and site visits, and staring in a video series highlighting specific outcomes they’ve seen since implementation. 

STAR Awards

Congratulations to our 2015 STAR Award winners.

Gold Award: Schumacher Group Medical Billing in Dallas, Texas

Products: Centricity Business

When the new management team from Schumacher Group Medical Billing in Dallas, Texas took over they quickly identified that claim rejections and denials were too high and they needed to drive improvement as quickly as possible.

They brought together a cross functional team from across their organization and also contracted with the Centricity Optimization Solutions team who helped provide deep domain expertise to drive incremental performance improvement.

The project focused on improving performance in a number of areas including, claim rejections, remittance denials, clean claim performance, and overall system automation.

By using the cross-functional team and the inherent tools provided by Centricity Business, they were able to drive significant results which are saving them over $300,000 in reduced rework every month. They achieved a 51% reduction in claim rejections, a 42% reduction in denials, a 43% increase in EDI volume, and a 59% decrease in manual posting due to edits. All of this was done with fewer staff while managing increased claim volume.

Centricity Producitivty Awards 2015 Gold Winner

Silver Award: Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies at Orlando Health

Product: Centricity Perinatal Connect

The team from the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies at Orlando Health found that their nurses had to use two systems to look at documentation on their enterprise EMR and fetal monitoring in Centricity Perinatal which caused many difficulties having to toggle back and forth between both systems. It was not user friendly for the nurses and increased the time it took for charting where they were averaging two hours between assignments.

The goal of their project was to improve the user friendliness for their nurses by allowing them to access real-time charting at the bedside and the ability to have the fetal strip and the nursing flowchart open on the same screen, while maintaining the continuity of care for the mom and baby.

They implemented Centricity Perinatal Connect which allows the nurses to have the fetal monitoring strip embedded in their EMR, so that they could update the documentation flow sheet while allowing for real-time charting at the bedside. 

The results have been impressive. The new and improved workflow has resulted in a significant increase in nursing satisfaction and nurses can now complete their charting within 45 minutes, a saving of over 1 hour. 

Centricity Producitivty Awards 2015 Silver Winner

Bronze Award: Ashley Clinic, Chanute, Kansas

Product: Centricity Practice Solution

The team from Ashley Clinic, Kansas found that after they implemented CPS 12 their physicians continued to work prolonged hours with decreased productivity, patient cycle times at 84 minutes and the number of completed chart notes in the EMR after the patient examination was only 20%. 

They wanted to improve their workflow and productivity so they implemented a custom GE template that interfaces with patient data entered using a software expert system called Instant Medical History. 

As a result of the new workflow process implemented in CPS 12, patient cycle times decreased from 84 minutes to 58 minutes, completed charts increased from 20% to 88%, and new patient visits increased from an average of 10 per month to 19 per month which resulted in a 16% improvement in net professional charges.

Centricity Producitivty Awards 2015 Bronze Winner

API Healthcare STAR Awards

Brightest STAR Award
Vidant Health

Vidant Health serves 1.4 million people in 29 counties in Eastern North Carolina. To meet revenue projections, it was critical to maximize the workforce, while ensuring delivery of high quality care. A system-wide rollout of ShiftSelect® across 336 units and departments and over 8,000 employees, transformed Vidant’s workforce operations. Overseen by a restructured workforce management team uniquely sitting within the Finance Department, the single, integrated tool provided visibility into all open shifts and an incentive plan to successfully manage staff throughout the enterprise. Vidant Health achieved a 75% reduction of travelers expenses in one year, and an extraordinary 5-year cumulative savings of $55 million.

STAR Power Partner
Anderson Regional Medical Center

STAR Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety
Northcrest Medical Center

STAR Financial Excellence
Hillcrest Healthcare System

STAR Operational Excellence
North Memorial Healthcare

STAR Employee Engagement
United Health Services

STAR Awards

Congratulations to our 2014 STAR Award winners.

Gold Award Winner - Ortho NorthEast from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Products: Centricity EMR, Practice Management (PM)  and PACS IW.

The team at Ortho NorthEast wanted to improve the time-consuming workflow in their x-ray department which caused physician delays and required more radiology staff.  Patient wait time was at an all-time high.     They implemented a new workflow using Centricity EMR, PM and Centricity PACS-IW to help provide high quality information quickly to their clinical staff and enable accurate billing.   

The new workflow begins when a clinical staff member orders an x-ray for new patients in their office.  When the order is signed for services rendered, the x-ray technician is automatically notified so that they can organize patients by time.  At this same moment, the patient’s demographic information is sent and populated on the work list of the digital x-ray equipment.  After completing the x-ray, the imaging study is sent to the Centricity PACS-IW system, as well as the patient's EMR chart.  A link is placed on the Centricity EMR chart that allows the physician to view the images without leaving the EMR.  Once the patient is escorted to an exam room the x-ray technician finalizes documentation and enters the proper examination billing code in Centricity PM.   

The results and workflow change procedure proved successful.  Today, the patient's x-rays are completed, the images are in the EMR chart, and ready for the physician to view at the moment the patient is placed in the exam room.  Patient and physician wait times have been drastically reduced.  In less than 6 minutes the patient is in the exam room ready to see the physician.  Patient satisfaction has significantly improved.  They have been able to gain even more efficiencies using tablet computers instead of the previous PCs in the department.  The financial impact of this project is huge.  Not only have they been able to optimize staffing in the radiology department, the additional x-ray room in their new north office expansion project has been eliminated due to this workflow.  This change saved the company approximately 20% in new construction costs and equipment, and that square footage was re-allocated to their therapy department, increasing patient through put for radiology and therapy by a combined 49%.  Simply put, they have been able to do more with less.

Productivity Awards - Gold Winner

Silver Award Winner - Children's Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates, LLP from St. Petersburg, FL

Product: Centricity Practice Solution

The practice wanted to increase the productivity of their doctors to allow them to see more patients while receiving payments faster and reducing the days in accounts receivable. The practice had been using Centricity Practice Management since 2003 and then adopted Centricity EDI Services and finally went live with the EMR module in January 2013 to use the full Centricity Practice Solution.   

At the start of the project, their AR over 120 days was 35% and most of the patient collections were done after the patient had left the practice. They were seeing a trend among insurance plans that shifted responsibility to the patient so they needed a way to verify patient insurance before the patient left their practice.  They fully implemented Centricity Practice Solution and were able to improve for several reasons. They were utilizing the PM’s Case Management solution to track referrals and authorizations.   Then with Centricity EDI Hosted Claims Manager, their claims were scrubbed allowing them to correct incomplete or incorrect claims prior to submission, reducing their claim denials, potential underpayments and costly re-work. This helped them send in a ‘clean’ claim the first time, and get paid faster as a result. Task Management also helped them improve the productivity of their staff.   

The results have been impressive. They receive payments 22% faster, their AR at 120 days is now between 12-15%, and they are able to support five doctors with the same staff level compared to when they supported three doctors.

Productivity Awards - Silver Winner

Bronze Award Winner - Healthcare Administrative Partners from Portsmouth NH

Product: Centricity Group Management

The practice faced many issues getting claims processed on the first submission and they wanted to increase their collection ratio and decrease their denial rate. At the start of this project, they calculated 11 tasks per hour productivity rate for the assigned staff. In addition, they reviewed the gross collection ratio for the payer bucket, finding it was a very low 12% with a nearly 6% denial rate.   

They implemented a new process utilizing the efficiencies of Centricity Group Management and Task Manager in conjunction with their clearing house. As a result of the new process implemented in Centricity Group Management, they found that the average tasks per hour increased to 17 for the staff working this project. The gross collection ratio increased steadily, reaching 40% with the denial rate dropping to 4.90%. Their over 90 days AR in this category decreased $10,000 equating to a 3% decrease.

Productivity Awards - Bronze Winner

API Healthcare STAR Awards

STAR Power Partner
Duke Medicine

STAR Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

STAR Financial Excellence
Vidant Health

STAR Operational Excellence
Ellis Medicine

STAR Employee Engagement
El Centro Regional Medical Center

Call for Entries

Call for Entries: 2017 STAR Awards at Centricity LIVE!

GE Healthcare is excited to announce the fourth annual STAR Awards at Centricity LIVE Competition!

Download the STAR Awards brochure.

Showcase Customer Accomplishments

The STAR Awards is intended to recognize GE Healthcare customers for their success in using Centricity & API solutions to help improve outcomes in their organization. We encourage all healthcare organizations using GE Healthcare solutions to enter this competition for the chance to highlight and receive recognition for their successful improvements.  

Who Should Enter

Customers who have achieved measurable improvement using a qualifying solution are encouraged to apply. Specifically, customer implementations that demonstrate significant improvement in clinical, financial or operational measures; that provide evidence to support and/or quantify improvement before and after the project; and that employ one or more GE Healthcare solution(s) as a significant contributor to the results. Qualifying solutions include, but are not limited to, Centricity Practice Solution, Centricity Business, Centricity EMR, Centricity Enterprise, Centricity Group Management, Centricity Imaging Solutions (PACS/RIS/CVIT), Centricity Perioperative, Centricity Perinatal,Workforce Management Solutions (ShiftSelect, Staffing & Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Business Analytics, Patient Classification, Human Resources and Payroll and Talent Management). Please see Criteria and Entry Guidelines for details.

How Winners Will be Recognized

A panel of six judges, including healthcare professionals and GE Healthcare representatives will select winners for seven categories: Enterprise Imaging, Financial Management, Care Area Workflows, Workforce Management, Large Ambulatory Care Practice, Small Ambulatory Care Practice, and the STAR customer of the Year. The STAR Award winners will be honored at the STAR Award Ceremony during Centricity LIVE in May 2017, where they will receive personalized recognition. In addition, winners will be featured in GE Healthcare publicity, including a press announcement, social media announcements and the GE Healthcare web site.

Entry Deadline

The call for entries opens September 30, 2016. Entries must be received via the online STAR Award Entry Form by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on December 31, 2016.

Entry Process

The online entry process is easy to complete. Please review the Criteria and Entry Guidelines and Terms and Conditions first. When you are ready to complete the application, use the STAR Award Entry Form.

Criteria and Entry Guidelines

All entries must be submitted using the STAR Award Entry Form by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on December 31, 2016.

Download the STAR Awards brochure.


To be eligible for the 2017 STAR Awards competition, entries must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • The healthcare organization submitting the entry is based in the United States and or Canada.
  • Use of GE Healthcare Centricity or Workforce Management solutions contributed significantly to the results achieved in the submitted entry. The implementation need not be achieved exclusively through the use of GE Healthcare solutions; however, the extent to which the use of GE Healthcare solutions contributed to the results achieved will be a key factor in judging.
  • Implementation of GE Healthcare Centricity or Workforce Management solution(s) may include new installations, upgrades and services. The results from the implementation must have been achieved between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2016.
  • Multiple implementations may be submitted by the same entrant(s).

Criteria and Supporting Evidence

Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Significant improvement in clinical, financial or operational measures; evidence to support and/or quantify improvement before and after the project; and use of one or more GE Healthcare solution(s) contributed significantly to the results.

The judges will evaluate detailed supporting evidence of how GE Healthcare solutions have helped improve productivity. The following statements demonstrate the types of measurable results they will look for:

  • Percentage improvement in accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Percentage improvement in collection rate on eligible billing
  • Reduced cost to collect by amount saved or percentage reduced
  • Percentage reduction in eligibility rejection rate
  • Percentage increase in on-time, first-case starts
  • Amount of decrease in supply costs through inventory management
  • Percentage reduction in patient wait times
  • Percentage increase in patient throughput in the OR
  • Increase in time spent at the bedside by reducing paperwork or increasing process efficiency
  • Percentage increase in images reviewed per hour
  • Percent or amount of reduction in premium pay (incentives, OT, and agency)
  • Percent and/or amount of labor costs saved due to better workforce scheduling
  • Percentage decrease in number of contract labor employees
  • Percentage increase in compliance of PRN/per diem commitments
  • Percentage increase of proactive versus reactive filling of open shifts
  • Percentage increase in productivity and/or efficiency measurements due to automation
  • Percentage increase in employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Percentage increase in patient safety and/or satisfaction


GE Healthcare is honored to have a panel of six highly qualified judges that includes both healthcare professionals and GE Healthcare representatives. Full details will be available at a later date.

Qualifying entries remain anonymous throughout the judging process. Upon thorough review of all qualifying entries, each judge will vote for their top entries. The entry with the highest number of votes in each category will be selected as the winner. The decision of the judges is final.

Entry Form Requirements

The STAR Award Entry Form requires the following information:

  1. Contact and Organization Information: Contact information for the person responsible for the entry, implementation date and GE Healthcare IT or API Healthcare Solution(s) used.
  2. Project Overview: Describe the project scope (400 words maximum).
  3. Previous State: Describe the situation at the start of the project, including the clinical, financial or operational measures targeted for improvement and how they were to be measured (200 words maximum). 
  4. Result State: Describe the current state and results achieved, including measurable clinical, financial or operational measures as targeted in the Previous State (200 words maximum).

Deadline and Other Information

The deadline to submit entries is December 31, 2016, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, and the online entry process will close at that time. All entries become the property of GE Healthcare and will not be returned. Entrants are responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted, and for securing all necessary releases and approvals from their healthcare organization. GE Healthcare reserves the right to use information and materials submitted for promotional purposes. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.  

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the STAR Awards Call for Entries and Criteria and Entry Guidelines. Your entry in this competition constitutes an agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the rules of the competition. In addition, your entry constitutes agreement that you have the necessary authorization and approval from your healthcare organization to submit the entry. GE reserves the right to reject entries that attempt to modify such rules in any way. This competition and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA.

  1. GE reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this competition or cancel the competition at any time. This offer shall be invalid in any states, territories or jurisdictions where it would be illegal. Only healthcare organizations based in the United States are eligible to enter this competition.
  2. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence regarding the judges' decision will be considered. The judging panel shall be comprised of two-to-six judges, including at least one healthcare professional and one GE representative.
  3. Winners of the 2017 STAR Awards shall be notified by mail, email, and/or telephone on or before April 1, 2017 Winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony during Centricity LIVE, May 17-20, 2017, in Boston, MA.
  4. STAR Award winners will receive personalized recognition, and will be featured in publicity as described in the Call for Entries. Winners will be required to participate in publicity on behalf of GE. Entry in the competition constitutes permission to use the winners' names for promotional purposes (e.g., advertising, press announcements, World Wide Web, marketing materials) without further compensation or consent.
  5. Each winner must provide proof of identification upon request of GE.
  6. Entry in the competition constitutes an agreement from the entrants that GE, its successors, and assigns have a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right and license to reproduce, publish and otherwise use all entry materials.
  7. GE shall not be liable for any failure whatsoever to provide the prize as a result of any force majeure or supervening circumstances.All entries must be submitted online using the STAR Productivity Award Entry Form. Entries submitted by other means will not be accepted.

Promoter: GE Healthcare, STAR Awards, 116 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02116.

Please refer to the Call for Entries, Criteria and Entry Guidelines, and STAR Award Entry Form.

Entry Form


The deadline to submit entries is March 15th, 2018 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, and the online entry process will close at that time.


All entries must be submitted in English. All entries become the property of GE Healthcare and will not be returned. Entrants are responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted, and for securing all necessary releases and approvals from their healthcare organization. GE Healthcare reserves the right to use information and materials submitted for promotional purposes.

Before you begin, please review Criteria and Entry Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

Submit your entry now