Reimagine How Technology Can Improve Community Health

With the mission to deliver high-quality, low-cost care to our most vulnerable, underserved populations, Community Health Centers (CHCs) are leading the transformation to value-based care. CHCs are experiencing rapid growth in patient population but are severely constrained by IT systems that weren’t designed to meet the demands of complex clinical decision making, ever-growing documentation requirements, emerging medical trends, and evolving care delivery and payment models. GE Healthcare is increasing its focus on this very important issue.

Collaborating with best practice CHCs, GE Healthcare is designing a flexible new solution specifically for CHCs. Our innovation is combining tools for comprehensive care delivery, financial management, population health, patient engagement, analytics, and connectivity into a single solution.

Enhance care quality Enhance Care Quality
Integrated care delivery tools and clinical decision support help your teams deliver more informed care, coordinate it across care settings, and continuously improve.

Increase provider efficiency Increase Provider Efficiency
Document thoroughly at remarkable speed with CHC-specific content, simplified data entry, seamless integration of external data and optimized workflows.

Increase provider efficiency Strengthen Financial Performance
Effectively fund your mission by optimizing payments from multiple revenue streams, reducing cycle time and simplifying reporting with easy aggregate data capture.

Value-based careContinue to Trail Blaze the Transition to Value-Based Care
Streamline existing processes and leverage cutting-edge tools to manage population health, increase patient access, coordinate and integrate care across settings, reduce cost, and improve quality of care and financial performance.


We are building on the strengths of Centricity™ Practice Solution and will continue the evolution to a fully integrated, interoperable and intelligent cloud-based software solution. A single, comprehensive solution available only from GE that puts patients back where they belong – at the center of care.

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