Helping improve both departmental and enterprise-wide radiology productivity, administrative efficiency, and enhance patient care

CentricityTM RIS-IC is a web-based radiology information system (RIS) designed to address your evolving radiology workflow needs. RIS-IC enhances workflow with integration to GE PACS systems. It supports patient-centric workflow management that dissolves departmental boundaries for your entire enterprise. Centricity RIS-IC offers robust features to help increase efficiency and quality of care while providing the service quality level you need to meet the twin challenges posed by a growing demand for complex images and constantly rising operational costs.

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Imaging Workflow: Enabling efficiencies in workflow
The Centricity RIS-IC Product team presents enhancements and improvements to help drive clinical excellence, supportability and lower cost of ownership. 


Centricity RIS-IC integrated with Centricity PACS streamlines clinical and administrative workflow in today's hectic radiology departments by helping users:

  • Increase productivity by scheduling enterprise radiology resources and tracking patient status and progress throughout the imaging cycle
  • Save time and effort preparing reports with an embedded reporting tool that improves report turnaround time and reduces transcription costs
  • Utilize IT investments more efficiently by enabling enterprise workflow with robust integration capabilities with Centricity PACS and other systems (EMR, Portals, Web-based Image Viewers, 3rd party PACS, Imaging Modalities)
  • Maximize revenue stream with complete and accurate charge capture management
  • Reduce administrative costs by taking advantage of an electronic, paperless environment. Benefit from proven management reporting functions.
  • Streamline workflows by configuring role-based work lists
  • Enhance the patient experience with a self-service feature that empowers patients and cuts down on their wait time by allowing self check- in and private questionnaire completion.
  • Benefit from built-in Critical Results Management tools towards JACHO compliance
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing EMR order management system


Working with a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations for more than 30 years has given GE Healthcare an exceptional understanding of complex radiology workflow. This company-wide expertise is clearly reflected in Centricity RIS's innovative features:

  • Ability to allow full enterprise or limited access to information to run multiple hospitals and/or imaging center sites across your radiology enterprise.
  • Web-based architecture allows for systems to be scaled down or up to fit the evolving needs of every enterprise
  • Rules-based multi-organizational scheduling allows better utilization of resources for increased cost-efficiency
  • Critical Results workflow enables automated management of critical results between the embedded reporting tool and RIS-IC during dictation, enabling critical results visibility directly in the RIS worklist
  • Dose management enables greater visibility to dose measurements per patient exam
  • Patient Self-Service module enables patients to take control of the registration process
  • Electronic forms facilitate a paperless radiology workflow
  • Task-oriented work lists allow management of radiology-related tasks
  • Integrated Mammography Administration module captures information about breast imaging exams and facilitates follow-up recommendations.
  • Image Aware RIS within a RIS/PACS solution, enables access to patient data, reports and images via a pointer within the RIS, removing the need to log into the PACS separately.
  • Modality Worklist functionality enables modalities to query RIS-IC to create a worklist avoiding patient demographic entry errors.

Customer Value

Centricity RIS-IC interfaced with PACS offers a paperless workflow to benefit both healthcare professionals and patients alike:

Offers radiologists:

  • Faster access to clinical information at the point of care for better patient outcomes
  • Improve workflow with seamless connectivity with Centricity PACS
  • Real-time to data across specialty and procedural lines
  • Connectivity with major radiology IT systems including PACS, diagnostic reporting
  • Applications, EMR and more
  • Simplified data entry, allowing more time to read exams and create reports
  • Embedded diagnostic reporting module and critical alert management help ensure more accurate record keeping
  • Pre-populated patient data models that include patient history, saving radiologists time and trouble

Helps CFOs:

  • Save time, money, and storage space by removing the need to manage paperwork
  • Convert existing paper documents into globally accessible electronic files, or limit access as needed
  • Promote smart patient matching to help ensure data integrity
  • Create rules-based, multi-organizational scheduling for efficient utilization of resources
  • Streamline radiologist and technologist workflows for increased productivity

Optimizes operations for radiology administrators by:

  • Providing real-time patient and image tracking views for greater operational efficiency
  • Improving workflow with seamless connectivity to Centricity PACS
  • Reducing lost or delayed patient charges to enhance revenue capture
  • Enabling staff to search across multiple organizations when scheduling appointments
  • Producing a wide range of reports for more effective daily operations management
  • Supporting paperless workflow to save time, money, and labor
  • Saving the time and effort of office staff with self-service features for patients
  • Automated report distribution to Referring Physicians

Enhances patient satisfaction with:

  • Patient self-service option that allows them privacy and control of their registration process
  • Reduced patient wait time
  • More clinical information automatically accessible at the point of care



Amid industry upheaval, healthcare organizations are under greater pressure than ever to be productive. Only by getting the most out of every tool can you deliver the care patients need with the efficiency the market demands.

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