Featuring a single image repository across 2D and 3D studies, Centricity Universal Viewer intuitively brings together the tools needed by radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians to provide enterprise-wide access on a single desktop.

Centricity Universal Viewer delivers:

  • Intelligent productivity tools

  • Advanced visualization applications

  • An advanced mammography workflow

  • Cross Enterprise Display

  • Advanced Cardiology tools

  • Access from anywhere1

  • Image enable your EMR

1 Where an internet connection is available.
2 Refer to the list of supported devices and supported browsers in the technical information section of this datasheet.

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Intelligent Productivity Tools

Advanced visualization

Breast Imaging

Clinical Access

Universal Viewer with Cardiology capabilities



Webinar - Any Image, Anywhere
Radiologists and clinicians are seeking new ways to boost productivity, optimize scarce resources, and connect their workflow across the care team to help improve patient outcomes. One way to help meet these needs is to provide rapid access to images and reports when and where1 needed through a single viewer.

Webinar - Create a Better Radiologist Reading Experience
Learn about Centricity Universal Viewer with Imaging Desktop, a workflow solution designed to improve the radiologist reading experience by providing the right exams at the right time with access to clinical information and images that provides insights.

Webinar - Cross Enterprise Display - As Evaluated by Moffitt Cancer Center 
View this webinar to learn how Cross Enterprise Display can provide radiologists and cardiologists with seamless access to a patient’s historical imaging data across affiliated institutions.

Webinar - Enterprise Visualization: Consolidate, Customize, Improve
As part of the global shift to coordinated care and collaborative care models, imaging is moving from siloed, departmental systems to assume a true, enterprise level priority. To be productive and efficient while managing cost, quality and remote/internet access, imaging departments must radically rethink their approach. This includes customized workflows and advanced visualization. All this to help the enterprise improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. 

Webinar - Enabling a multi-modality breast cancer detection workflow
View this webcast on how an adaptable portfolio of technologies, insights and services can help meet the unique breast care needs of all women, especially those with elevated risks.

Webinar - Huron Regional Medical Center
View this webinar featuring Huron Regional Medical Center and learn what capabilities organizations should look for in a Zero Footprint viewer. Additionally you will learn a best practice approach to adopting Universal Viewer ZFP and how a regional medical center quickly grew referrer access using the Universal Viewer ZFP.

Webinar - Intelligent Tools for a Productive Radiologist Workflow, Universal Viewer Smart Reading Protocols
View this webinar recording to learn how you can help enhance diagnostic speed and confidence with GE Healthcare's Enterprise Imaging Solutions. This webinar focuses on Universal Viewer smart reading protocols; one of the intelligent tools to optimize productivity. Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) represent a breakthrough in the way radiologists work with Hanging Protocols (HP) to help reduce image setup inefficiencies.

Webinar - Shaping the Future of Radiology
Learn how GE Healthcare is working with leading organizations to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to shape the future of radiology.

Webinar - Universal Viewer - Where it all comes together
This session examines the capabilities of Universal Viewer to make clinical insights accessible in one place for the user.


Brochure - Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging

Brochure - Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint

Case Study - Powerful Viewer Supports Full Service Radiology Team
Radiological Associates of Long Island implemented Centricity Universal Viewer to give radiologists PACS reading tools and advanced features across the enterprise and anywhere Internet access is available.

Case Study - Regional Care with Zero Footprint Viewer
See how Huron Regional Medical Center added Centricity Universal Viewer with Zero Footprint (ZFP), to create a Web-based image viewing strategy that reliably, timely and financially efficiently delivers images.

Interactive - Centricity Universal Viewer: The Power of One

White Paper - Cross Enterprise Display Solution Brief
In today’s complex healthcare environment, patients often seek care at multiple points of service. This may result in a patient’s imaging data being stored in different PACS or DICOM archives, possibly with different patient identifiers. Learn how Cross Enterprise Display provides radiologists with seamless access to a patient’s historical imaging data across affiliated institutions without CDs. 

White Paper - Intelligent tools for a productive radiologist workflow: How machine learning enriches hanging protocols
Centricity Universal viewer creates a powerful unified workspace for radiologists and clinicians by bringing together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization and breast imaging to help optimize productivity. 

White Paper - Radiologists’ Burden of Inefficiency Using Conventional Imaging Workstations
This study surveyed radiologists about inefficiencies in their workflows, revealing a number of shortcomings with the information technologies radiologists employ to review, interpret, and report diagnostic imaging examinations.

100 Edition

Centricity™ Universal Viewer 100 edition is designed for smaller healthcare providers who have limited IT resources. It is a turnkey web-based PACS solution designed to view, store and distribute images. All of the standard features of Centricity Universal Viewer are included, however, certain modules, such as Cross Enterprise Display and Advanced Cardiology are only available with the Enterprise edition. A sample comparison of the two offerings is depicted here. Further information is available by downloading the Centricity Universal Viewer 100 Edition product brief.


The 100 edition is offered to providers that perform up to 100k exams a year in the US, or globally, to those providers who have a maximum of 6 radiologists. The 100 edition can easily  scale to the enterprise edition should providers plan grow and expand.


To learn more about Centricity Universal Viewer 100 edition, contact your GE Healthcare sales representative or an authorized reseller. To find a reseller, click here.


Centricity Universal Viewer 100 Edition Brochure

Centricity Universal Viewer 100 Edition Product Brief
Centricity Universal Viewer 100 Autodemo

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