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From cyclotrons to chemistry synthesizers to third-party products, TRACERcenter can provide what your facility needs.

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TRACERcenter GMP Facilitation Program

TRACERcenter’s GMP facilitation program helps you ensure proper healthcare administration, while facilitating patient safety.

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TRACERcenter Customized Support

TRACERcenter support covers all angles of setting up an advanced PET facility.

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Customer Testimonials

About 30 to 40% of all cardiac cathetirizations turn out to be normal. By utilizing cardiac PET with ammonia, Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) hopes to reduce the number of unnecessary cardiac catheterization. The lack of having their own cyclotron limited their ability to offer cardiac PET. In this video, physicians and management of DMH talk about how they addressed their challenges by getting their own cyclotron and how GE & MEI helped them navigate through these challenges so that they could focus on their care mission.

Guillaume Andreolety, AAA, on the self-shielded target for PETtrace 800

Ruairi O’Donnell, M2i, on the TYLER program for PETtrace 800

Mikael Jensen of Hevesy Laboratories in DTU, Risoe, Denmark shares his early experiences with the GE GENtrace cyclotron.

Shaun Creasey, Alliance, on the TYLER program for PETtrace 800