Focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A key opportunity to inform women of the need for personalized breast care.

GE Healthcare is committed to help improve personalized breast care through innovation and adaptability. Please continue to visit this page for updated information about our initiatives.

GE Breast Health Advantage

GE Healthcare’s commitment to personalized breast care continues to grow with our expanding, adaptable portfolio of technologies, insights and services to help meet the unique breast care needs of all women, especially those with elevated risks. During October there are many Breast Health Advantage Roadshow scheduled to enable clinicians to experience the portfolio first hand.

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Seeing the Unseen

Patty Beyer was fortunate that the NorthShore Center for Breast Health, where she has her annual mammograms, is one of the growing number of breast care centers in the nation using GE Healthcare’s 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS). 

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Breast care educational resources

Breast care can be confusing for patients.  Changing guidelines, multitudes of risk factors, insurance coverage questions – all these and more make breast care decisions complex.  GE Healthcare sponsors breast care educational resources to help your patients make sense of breast care confusion we invite you to visit these sites and use them with patients:


Breast density is a topic that is gaining attention. Women rely on healthcare providers to answer their questions.  We invite you to download some patient educational resources

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A Closer Look at the ABUS Patient Experience

Women are speaking about their Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)  experience and how it has become a standard of care in their personalized breast care plan.  Hear patients comment on their ABUS experience and the confidence it provides.

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Get answers to your patients faster

SenoBright  — The first tool in the world to take advantage of Contrast Enhanced  Spectral Mammography, a technique based on dual energy acquisitions.
For a woman facing even the slightest hint of a breast cancer diagnosis, the answers can’t come soon enough. Performed as an adjunct to inconclusive mammography and ultrasound, SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography highlights areas of unusual blood flow patterns that may be cause for suspicion. The exam can be performed using the same mammography equipment, in the same room, and takes less than 10 minutes. You’ll have answers to help you follow up with your patient faster. 

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Start Making Healthier Choices with SenoClaire

Earlier this year, SenoClaireTM 3D digital breast tomosynthesis was introduced and allows excellent visualization of breast lesions without increasing the dose compared to a 2D exam. Every day, more and more radiologists are making this choice. The choice to offer a healthy breast tomosynthesis to their patients with the only FDA approved digital breast tomosynthesis to offer the same low dose as a 2D FFDM exam

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Invenia ABUS is a prescription medical device that is limited to sale, distribution, or use to or on the order of a physician. The use of Invenia ABUS is restricted to those who receive the appropriate training.

The Invenia ABUS is indicated as an adjunct to mammography or breast cancer screening in asymptomatic women for whom screening mammography findings are normal or benign (BI-RADS® Assessment Category 1 or 2), with dense breast parenchyma (BI-RADS Composition/Density C or D), and have not had previous clinical breast intervention. The device is intended to increase breast cancer detection in the described patient population. The Invenia ABUS may also be used for diagnostic ultrasound imaging of the breast in symptomatic women. Invenia ABUS is a prescription medical device that is limited to sale, distribution, or use to or on the order of a physician. The use of Invenia ABUS is restricted to those who receive the appropriate training. See the device manual for detailed information, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events, or consult with your healthcare provider.