Productivity Assessment

Through our Productivity Assessment service, we conduct a technical and business review of your IT system performance and workflow effectiveness.  From that, we highlight recommendations that can be used for current and future state planning.   

Improved Performance
Identifying opportunities to help improve system utilization and cost reductions enables business and technical performance to thrive   

Enhanced Efficiency
By pinpointing your staff’s needs, training to improve efficiency and productivity will help to enable enhanced patient care and satisfaction.   

Ease of Future Planning
We will help you recognize where your biggest opportunities exist   

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The Productivity Assessment focuses on 6 key areas of IT infrastructure and workflow effectiveness.  You have the flexibility to choose any or all of these 6 areas for your assessment.  Based on your current CentricityTM solution(s), all may not be relevant.     

IT InfrastructureIT Infrastructure
Identifies key drivers of system performance, such as storage capacity, memory, and asset utilization, in conjunction with a business continuity preparedness review.     

Application ConfigurationApplication Configuration
Analyses system configuration components, such as application customization, interfaces, modules and reporting capabilities.     

Application CompetencyApplication Competency
Evaluates user application skills and competency to identify staffing and education needs.    

Scheduling WorkflowScheduling Workflow
Examines workflow processes that occur in advance of exams/procedures, including order entry, scheduling, and patient registration.    

Clinical WorkflowClinical Workflow
Observes clinical workflow processes including IT & clinical procedure alignment, clinical throughput, and other relevant key performance indicators based on department specific requirements.   

Financial WorkflowFinancial Workflow
Reviews billing workflow metrics and processes, including days in A/R, adjusted net collection, and denial rate.

Note: Centricity Practice Solution customers: 4 Modules are available for Centricity Practice Solutions Customers: Clinical, Financial, Scheduling Workflow and IT Infrastructure 


The GE Healthcare Productivity Assessment is conducted both remotely and on-site to identify opportunities for potential improvements in clinical and business efficiencies. Our experienced team is focused on evaluating and defining the most effective solutions to optimize your productivity, giving you guidance when it comes to acting on those recommendations.


  • Introduction call to define scope and goals
  • Completion of pre-assessment questionnaire

On-site Visit Review

  • One to two day on-site visit 
  • Meetings with relevant team members
  • Observation of processes and procedures

Post-Visit Review

  • Final Report with observations, issues, opportunities and recommendations
  • A virtual briefing to discuss the findings and suggested actions
  • Your Centricity Services team is always here to help you as your needs evolve over time