Our Approach

Our Approach

At GE, we’ve long been the gold standard in service and innovation. Now, we’re focused even more on helping our customers solve their most challenging issues. In today’s healthcare environment, every dollar, every person, and every asset in your organization needs to perform at its highest level–without disrupting your culture. Our holistic approach to service combines our know-how and business resources with the data already available throughout your enterprise to help you optimize your assets, your patient flow and your workforce.

  • Asset Optimization
  • Asset Optimization
    Using proprietary software and data analytics, we can help you optimize your maintenance contracts and establish benchmarks for utilization of assets which can help reduce costs and drive productivity.
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  • Patient Flow Optimization
  • Patient Flow Optimization
    We track patient flow from admission to discharge in real time. The ability to capture and analyze this data can help you decrease wait time, reduce costs and improve the quality and safety of care.
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  • Workforce Optimization
  • Workforce Optimization
    We can help improve workforce utilization across the continuum of care, which can have an impact on the bottom line. All while improving the quality of care and staff satisfaction.
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Service Offerings

Service Offerings for performance you can count on

Our expansive line of Service Offerings are designed to meet your goals, providing quality parts and components, online and remote diagnostic support, asset maintenance and software upgrades, and other vital services with a commitment to quality. We have offerings that provide comprehensive services that can certify your assets to meet OEM standards, to minimal service support as needed, and many options in-between to fit your service needs.

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Comprehensive Services
    Help drive productivity and control costs with a comprehensive asset management and maintenance solution.
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  • AssurePoint Multi-Vendor Services
  • AssurePointTM Multi-Vendor Services
    Receive expert service from GE on nearly all imaging equipment regardless of manufacturer.
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  • AssurePoint Shared Services
  • AssurePoint In-House Services
    Obtain flexible solutions that help enhance the effectiveness of your clinical engineering department.
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  • AssurePoint OnDemand Services
  • AssurePoint OnDemand Services
    Help enhance the performance of clinical assets with support services to fit your needs and budget.
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  • AssurePoint Refresh
    Combines a maintenance service contract with a system upgrade, making budgets more predictable and manageable.
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  • Biomedical Services
    Receive expert service from GE on nearly all critical biomedical equipment.
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Service Shop

The right tool for biomedical engineers to help enhance speed, accuracy and convenience in sourcing parts and accessories.

Save time and effort by finding and verifying the right parts along with access to resources such as service manuals and refresher videos.

  • Quickly search for and identify the right parts on a user-friendly website
  • Expedite service with the speed and convenience of online ordering, available anytime
  • Receive order confirmation along with validation of price and availability
  • Get competitive parts pricing, including special web pricing when available
  • View latest service manuals and documents, how-to videos and training modules

Service Shop 

Service Shop

Clinical Training and Education

The expertise and experience to help your clinical teams utilize their equipment to the fullest.

Clinical Education adds value by helping you achieve the optimum asset performance, patient flow, and workforce effectiveness. We can configure an education and training package that fits your needs precisely. Your people can learn in our training center classrooms, in their own workplaces, or online through distance learning and on-demand digital courses.

  • Earn CE credits for licensure
  • Learn about new equipment
  • Help boost imaging efficiency and quality
  • Gain competency in the latest advanced studies

Clinical Education 

ACR Accreditation

  • Efficient. Precise. Effective.
    Here’s a way to obtain advanced imaging accreditation to help minimize the impact the accreditation process has on your staff and patient imaging time.
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Clinical Training/Education

Biomedical Services

Look to GE to help achieve your desired outcomes in Healthcare Technology Management.

For 30 years, GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of delivering biomedical services that help drive improved outcomes for over 700 customers worldwide. Our flexible programs, enabled by data and analytics, offer core maintenance services and include attributes that go beyond break-fix. We help you optimize asset utilization, customize the right service plan for your organization, and adapt your program to changing needs.

We are one of the largest service providers in Healthcare Technology Management.

  • 2M devices under management
  • 3.3M devices with service histories
  • 1,200+ OEM and vendor relationships
  • 45,000 unique makes/models supported
  • 3,300 service engineers nationwide
  • 700 biomedical service customers

Service Model Optimization

Help optimize and standardize your service strategy—outsource or in-house support

Onsite Biomed Operations

Highly trained embedded teams that provide support or operate your biomed program, depending on which service model is selected.

Scale and Expertise

  • More than 2M models currently under management
  • Local and vendor support for lasers, anesthesia, respiratory, sterilizers, laboratory and endoscopes
  • Certified ISO9001:2000 and 13485 credentials

Flexible Coverage Options

Ongoing support and guidance on optimal coverage levels and services strategies customized to fit your unique needs.

Integrated Asset Management

Help improve your asset lifecycle and reduce waste by getting more out of each asset

Mobile Asset Management

Make sure your equipment is in the right place at the right time in the right condition.

Advanced CMMS System

A modern, cloud-based, mobile-friendly application portfolio for management of clinical assets.

Technology Planning

Benchmarking and performance data to optimize asset acquisition and service decisions.

Sustainability and Innovation

Adapt to an evolving market and help ensure your program brings ongoing value

Program Governance

We help ensure sustainability of all financial and quality outcomes through rigorous program management and governance.

Accreditation Readiness

Help ensure ongoing readiness of your program with evolving industry requirements.

Ongoing Service Investments

GE continues to look to the future to anticipate and invest in ways to help bring ongoing value to your program.

Clinical Networking and Cybersecurity

Keeping your data secure is critical. GE can help you ensure your policies and process are robust and implement actions to help mitigate security breaches.

Welcome to Healthcare Technology Management

Optimize Your Service Investment

In today’s challenging environment, we can help identify the barriers and the opportunities to greater operational and financial success. We’re redefining service with a system-wide integrated strategy that helps optimize assets, patient flow and workforce utilization. We have helped health systems save millions without sacrificing their quality of care. From the big picture purview of the C-Suite, to the more specialty focused concerns of a medical director to the asset-focused biomedical director, our proven approach can help provide sustainable improvements in performance that will help you meet your long-term business objectives.