GE Healthcare, a trusted name in ultrasound equipment and service, has expanded our probe solutions to help save both time and expense. Our extensive portfolio combines on-demand probe services with our technologies and expertise. Through a proactive approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your probe fleet, we can help reduce probe-related service events for GE and non-GE ultrasound probes, while extending the useful life of your equipment. 

We provide a broad range of probe repair, replace and management solutions to help customers cost effectively decrease probe-related disruptions.

Prevent probe related service events through proper care and handling 

Prevent, Diagnose, Repair

Diagnose probe failures before they become a larger problem 

  • FirstCall™ diagnosis and assessment 
  • Comprehensive repair facility evaluations

Repair and Replace - reliable probe services when needed 

  • Multi-vendor probe repair services 
  • Web-based order fulfillment 
  • New and refurbished probes

Multi-Vendor Probe Services

Why spend time calling around when GE Healthcare can be your single, high-quality source for GE and multi-vendor probe repair service, replacement, and support?

GE Healthcare, a trusted name in ultrasound equipment and service, is excited to deliver a full range of multi-brand ultrasound probe repair services. As part of a broader service offering, we’ve expanded our capabilities to provide repair service that utilizes innovative technology and expertise to deliver reliable and high quality repairs for both GE and non-GE ultrasound probes. 

  • Broad multi-vendor repair and replacement capabilities  
  • Convenient access to a large loaner inventory 
  • In-depth FirstCall probe testing 
  • Competitive repair pricing 
  • Rapid turnaround times 
  • Dedicated account management 
  • Quality driven, ISO 9001 and 13485 repair processes

For more information on probe repair please contact 877-386-3246.

Probe Loaner Inventory
We stock a large quantity of loaner probes across several manufacturers and we check the quality of our probe inventory using our FirstCall technology. Our convenient next day loaner service1 and broad repair capability can help optimize your operational efficiency by potentially reducing downtime.

1. Loaner probes are subject to availability.


Ultrasound users spend the most time, effort, and cost on probe issues. GE Healthcare has expanded our repair services to address this challenge. Our probe repair service is driven by quality to help customers maximize the use of equipment, run more efficiently, and ultimately reduce unplanned downtime.

Probe Care

Probes are a weak link in the ultrasound imaging chain since they are easy to drop, their cables may be easily kinked and stressed, and the active elements are relatively fragile. Proper probe care and handling, cleaning and storing can help optimize clinical performance and reduce the cost of probe repairs and replacements. Regular general visual inspections of ultrasound probes are recommended to ensure your probes are receiving proper care. This should include probe connectors, the probe cable, the body/head and the transducer/lens.

GE Healthcare recommends the following practices to optimize ultrasound performance and extend probe life.

Probe Handling

  • Ensure connected probes are placed in the probe holder when not in use
  • Use a scan head protector during transportation of a TEE probe
  • Visually inspect transducers and cables for damage prior to connecting to an ultrasound system
  • Disconnect probes from ultrasound systems before cleaning

Probe Cleaning
All probes must be cleaned after every use before disinfection or sterilization is attempted.

  • Disconnect probe from ultrasound prior to cleaning or disinfecting
  • Completely wipe off the acoustic coupling gel from the probe
  • Remove any probe cover, biopsy guides or protective devices from the probe
  • Remove any remaining contaminants from the probe or cable with a moist cloth
  • Use caution to not expose the system connector to moisture or liquids if rinsing is required
  • Use a lint-free soft and clean dry cloth to thoroughly dry the probe and cable

Daily and Long-Term Storage

  • Store probes in holders on the side of the system or on a securely mounted wall rack when not in use
  • Keep all probe holders clean
  • Use cable management clips to secure cables
  • For TEE Transducers, be sure the distal tip is straight and protected before storing


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