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No of working days per week
Number of working days per year3
# of X- Ray cases per day
# of Ultrasound cases per day
# of CT scans per day
Incremental # of CT Scans retained from x-ray & US scans referral outs1,2
Total number of CT scans per day1,2
Average Cost per CT procedure
Anticipated YOY growth %
Discount rate
Discount Rate - The rate of return used to discount future cash flows to their present value amount; it should equal or exceed an organization's weighted average cost of capital.
Assumptions used:
1. 8-12% of X-Ray cases and 5-8% of Ultrasound cases need follow up with CT (Source: *Based on Double blinded Market Research conducted by Healthcare cell of IMRB International, Dec 2013)

2. Upgrading to a CT would enable the facility to do additional scans currently not possible with an x-ray/ ultrasound/ dual/ 4 slice CT. This will also result in better referrals and also provide a competitive edge.

3. Assuming 50 working weeks per year.

Disclaimer: The model does not override the responsibility of a healthcare professional to make treatment decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the patients. By nature, Health Economic modelling is "assumptive". The final decision as to how to use existing facilities or plan for future provision, rests with the respective customer. The figures and calculations herein are estimates made for informational purposes only and are based on the values input by the hospital. As each hospital is unique, your facility may have other costs, capacities or other variables that may not be reflected herein. GE Healthcare makes no warranties and accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in this tool.