Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care Information System for ICU Management

Designed for you to connect intelligence with care


Understanding your challenges in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Limited
    Medical Staff

    So many patients, so few hours in the day to treat everyone in a stressful environment like ICU/PACU/NICU

  • Unpredictable and
    Unforeseeable Activities

    What does hospital staff do when a major influx of patients strikes, or a patient needs much more attention?

  • The Everyday Tasks
    are Routinely Daunting

    The day to day management of an ICU and the challenges of adhering to best critical care practices can be overwhelming.

What if you could improve patient care with proven strategies?

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A new software solution for ICU management

Centricity™ High Acuity Critical Care is an integrated suite, user-friendly ICU management solution that provides proven strategies to help healthcare providers improve quality of care, reduce risk of errors, optimise time and better manage costs in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This new solution has been developed based on our user community feedback, our strong experience working on ICU IT solution since 1991 and in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary and experienced team. Centricity High Acuity Critical Care delivers relevant clinical information in a way that is most natural and intuitive to clinicians.

Discover ICU needs at a glance to better manage
your hospital’s critical resources and priorities

  • Manage


    your direct ICU resources, priorities and patients within all your acute care areas from one easy-to-master console.

  • Improve


    your efficiency and effectiveness by allocating hospital resources according to critical patient needs.

Help to optimise your daily
ICU routine to focus on the essential

  • Support


    the simplification and the completeness of your daily tasks with ease. Access critical relevant patient information, manage checklists and in time documentation of events, improving traceability.

  • Collect


    meaningful insights by automatically compiling complex and overwhelming amounts of patient data into organised and actionable information.

Improve patient care and safety
with evidence based-medicine

  • Address


    the complexities of ICU patients using embedded protocols, guidelines and powerful analytics; measuring the desired clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

  • Enhance


    safe medication ordering (expert module) to help strengthen patient security by providing an intuitive prescription module including drug order safety checks, up-to-date, direct link to official national drug libraries and much more.

Hear from your peers

  • University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust Case study

    Discover how Centricity High Acuity Care helped to free up nurse time, improve care quality and increase the reimbursement in ICU’s in University Hospitals of North Midlands

    Dr. Stephan Krueper
    Critical Care Consultant

    Dr. Stephan Krueper
    “ Organ support data recorded electronically by Centricity Critical Care has improved our reimbursement income by £500,000 in year one.”

  • Ghent University Hospital Case Study

    Discover how Centricity Clinical Notification System helped enhance quality of care, streamline clinical research and facilitated administration in ICUs at Ghent University Hospital.

    Kristin Colpaert Intensivist

    Kristin Colpaert
    “Clinical Notification System isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity – clinicians need smart alerts to make timely decisions and to accurately visualise a patient.”



Discover our testimonials about Centricity™
High Acuity Critical Care

Discover our testimonials about Centricity™
High Acuity Critical Care

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