Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia Anesthesia Information Management Solution

Designed for you to connect intelligence with care


Understanding the key challenges of anesthesia management

  • Data

    The current trend of increasing efficiency in perioperative care can strain the working conditions in an already demanding environment.

  • Devices

    Manually collecting data from medical devices can lead to human errors, lost charts, misinterpreted handwriting and more.

  • Data

    Manually researching data and retrieving records from archives wastes time that could be better spent on patient care.

A Unique Software Solution For Anesthesia Management For Brilliant Operating Room

Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia is an integrated anesthesia management solution that enables improved quality of patient care from peroperative assessment, through induction and operating room to post-anesthesia care. It enables care consistency, complete data documentation, and advanced data analysis capabilities – all essential in supporting informed decisions that drive the quality of perioperative care and workflows.

Improve data tracking and better
monitor complex workflows

  • Gain


    quick access to current and past patient records and exam results that highlight critical information for timely interventions.

  • Increase


    safety with smart order forms with dose limit, allergies, drug interaction checks, scheduling and medication sets options.

  • Collect


    data from medical devices and hospital information systems, combining data from multiple sources – limiting manual data entries – into one central, consistent and comprehensive patient care record


Enhance patient care
and medication safety

  • Ensure


    care consistency leveraging the personalised worklists completion including Timestamps, checklist, medication set, protocols…

  • Focus


    on patient with quick access to critical information, including current and past records.

  • Safeguard


    patients with medication dose limits check sand auto calculation functions.

Drive operational efficiencies
while reducing cost of care

  • Improve


    recovery area throughput by helping support optimal administration of anesthetic gasses.

  • Enhance


    entire patient pathway overview with detailed patient location and status through the entire perioperative process.

  • Deliver


    the right data and documentation with smart features including critical medication interoperability and the ability to chart by exception.

Hear from your peers

  • Flevo Hospital Almere Case Study

    Discover how Centricity High Acuity Anesthesia helped saving over a day of clinical time a week and enhance clinical decision making.

    Wilco van Wijk

    Anesthesia & Recovery Nurse Manager
    Wilco van Wijk
    “With CHA A, we can work more efficiently as a department. It’s saving staff enormous amounts of time, reducing the number of errors made”

  • SEHSC NHS Trust, Ireland

    Hear about the experience with Centricity™ High Acuity Anesthesia from Dr. McKinney, Consultant Anaesthetist

  • South Karelia Central Hospital Case Study

    See how Centricity Anesthesia system helped enhance clinical outcomes at South Karelia Central Hospital in Lappeenranta, Finland.

    Seppo Mustola

    Head of Anesthesia
    Kristin Colpaert
    “Centricity Anesthesia has improved patient safety, saves staff time in documenting everything, and we are no longer cluttered by paper everywhere. Accurate data from each procedure is collected automatically and minimises the possibility of mistakes.”