Centricity™ Opera Operating Theatres Management Solution

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Understanding the key challenges of your operating theatre

  • Room

    Operating theatres are very often underutilized yet still expected to be the economic driver of the hospital. In the same time, case durations are usually underestimated.1

  • Complex

    Multi-dimensional surgery scheduling processes can cause, delays, undocumented booking and late cancellations. 50% of all cancellations may not be for medical reasons.2

  • Communication
    Across Teams

    Busy operating theatres are crowded with various multidisciplinary teams, all playing a role in providing the best patient experience, making effective communication key

A Unique Software Solution For Brilliant Operating Theatre

Centricity™ Opera is a user-friendly operating theatre management solution that helps you improve efficiency, productivity and communication to maximise patient experience and drive financial performance.

Improve efficiency in pre-op,
intra-op and post-op

  • Reduce


    delays, cancellations and downtime with better pre-op and intra-op patient management and monitoring of critical theatre activities

  • Streamline


    scheduling process and communication with access to real-time unit overview that helps eliminate scheduling disruptions and priorities urgent cases.

Improve patient care and safety

  • Identify


    patient-specific risk factors, including allergies, care instructions and full patient records.

  • Provide


    safety checklists and ensure data traceability with accurate, complete and auditable surgical patient records.

Improve financial performance

  • Improve


    standard billing practices with tools for more accurate coding.

  • Drive


    proper materials management with bar code readers, consigned items reporting for standardized preference cards, documentation and traceable data.

Hear from your peers

  • University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Case Study

    Amardeep Johal, Group Manager- Theatres and Anaesthetics.

    Amardeep Johal
    “Before Centricity Opera, someone had to physically walk around or call 32 theatres to see what was happening. Now we can see everything in real time on one screen.”
  • NHS Fife, UK

    Peter Curry, Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Lead for NHS Fife and Clinical Lead for Theatres Procurement for NHS Scotland

    Peter Curry
    “Our target was to increase the amount of staff time in theatre by a modest 10% - we gained a 22% increase in efficiency by using Opera.”
  • University Hospital of Nîmes, France

    Hear about outcomes achieved with Centricity™ Opera from Dr. Christophe Boisson, MD Anesthesiologist & Clinical Project Manager



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1OR Manager Vol 24, No 4, April 2008: Why are case estimates so often off?

2 Anessthesiology 2002; 96 A1145; K W Park: Scope of operating room cancellations for a busy university hospital vascular surgical service; MJA 20 June 2005, Vol 182, nr 12; W N Schofield, Rubin, M Piza, Y Yin Lai, D Sindhusake, M F Fernside, P Klineberg; Cancellation of operations on the day of intended surgery at a major Australian referral hospital