Unlike other solutions for TEE probes, GE can help you streamline the many touch points for a TEE transducer - from pre-cleaning to disinfection, to documentation, transportation and storage. With the TD 100, the disinfection process is easy and quick. The 5-minute disinfection cycle, combined with 5 rinse cycles, means the whole disinfection process can be done in just 17 minutes, compared to up to 60 minutes with manual methods.

5 minute

The benefits of TD 100

Streamline the many touch points for a TEE probe. From pre-cleaning to disinfection, to documentation, transportation and storage.

The compact and convenient TD 100 provides automated, repeatable high level disinfection that reduces inconsistencies associated with manual disinfection. It can help enhance patient and staff safety, minimize the risk of probe damage during disinfection, facilitate regulatory compliance and improve staff efficiency.

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Multiple guidelines recommend the high-level disinfection of semi-critical devices.

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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US Food and Drug Administration

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American National Standards Institute/AAMI Advanced Safety in Medical Technology

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American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

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Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

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Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

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HLD begins with Pre-cleaning

Use a TEEZyme Enzymatic Sponge, the only sponge designed specifically for TEE probes, to quickly and easily clear the way for high-level disinfectants to do their job. Each sponge is individually wrapped for single use to help decrease cross contamination and helps break down blood, carbohydrates, protein, polysaccharides, fats, oils, uric acid and other nitrogenous compounds.

  • Individually wrapped for single use
  • Free of lint, latex and dust
  • Treated with a preservative to inhibit mold, bacteria and fungus

Transport and Storage solutions for confidence

Proper transportation and storage of high-level disinfected TEE ultrasound probes helps protect probes.

The TPorter TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation Case

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CleanShield® TEE Probe Storage Cabinets

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Convenient online ordering of supplies and accessories

Ordering accessories and supplies for TD 100 Automated TEE probe disinfection is easy.

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